Do You Know? Why Is Caviar So Expensive?

Have you eaten “caviar” which is one of the world’s three great delicacies? Caviar depends on things, but I will do more than about 5000$ 1 kg. Let’s unravel why such caviar is expensive this time!

1. Sturgeon’s Egg

I think that caviar is sturgeon egg, I think that, although there are 27 types of sturgeon, there are only about four types of caviar that can be taken.

Such a caviar was not expensive so far in the 19th century, but due to repeated overfishing to obtain caviar, the catch amount was reduced, and some sturgeon was designated as an endangered species.

This triggered the cultivation of sturgeon in the whole world as a trigger.


2. Mostly cultured caviar

Therefore, most of the caviar that is eaten now is cultivation. If you normally cultivate, the price goes down, but caviar is an exception.

Most sturgeon grows to 2-4 m when grown up, so a huge aquarium is needed.

Also, sturgeon is delicate, so you should go through frequent food eating and waste disposal and keep clean water quality.

Furthermore, when the water temperature goes over 25 ° C, you are exposed to the risk of life, so you need to install a water temperature cooler and you need to keep an eye on the physical condition of sturgeon all the time in summer.

Well, even this alone is tough enough, so it can be narrated that the price of caviar will be high, but there is still a high reason for caviar.


3. It takes time and effort

, First of all, sturgeon takes 8 to 20 years to have eggs, and it does not know whether sturgeon is male or female in appearance.

Therefore, when sturgeon is 3 years old, a stomach is incised lightly to distinguish whether it is ovary or testis. Of course, if it was a male, you can not take caviar.

Still, one female sturgeon can obtain 2 kg of caviar from 850 g.

However, as it will take 10 years, the price of caviar rises steadily, with 28.5 g in some, even 9000$ is coming up.


 4. Conclusion

Well, this is why caviar is expensive.

By the way, it used to be sturgeon in Japan long ago. However, currently, it can not adapt to the Japanese environment, sturgeon has virtually been extinct.

As an aside, it is said that the eel we eat occasionally also traces a similar path.

But it can not be helped, is not it?

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