Why Do We Rarely See Japanese-Made Smartphones?

Although Japan is a small island nation, many of its industries have great influence in the world, once a strong Asian country, smart devices, SLR cameras, home appliances, animation and many other areas in Japan have their own resounding brands. However, in the smartphones that have just emerged in recent years, Japan does not have very influential brands.

According to reports, Apple’s iPhone took only 3 years to seize more than 40% of the Japanese mobile phone market share, while the original market is not much of the Japanese mobile phone market is almost Apple’s mobile phone to seize all the limelight. In the previous Nokia era, Japan’s mobile phone was not dominated by so-called mobile phone brands such as Panasonic and Sharp, and the dominant mobile phone market was operators.

After 2010, almost all smartphones developed rapidly with sweeping trends. At this time, Japan was still stuck between flips and slides. When the global sales of large-screen smartphones soared, Japanese consumers were still immersed in old-fashioned traditional mobile phones.

"keitai denwa" (portable telephones)
“keitai denwa” (portable telephones)

On the one hand, Japan’s smartphone penetration rate is low, and functional devices have returned to light in recent years. It is not because Japan’s smartphones are not well-developed or technologically backward. On the contrary, Japanese people are good at learning, and are based on the habits of their own nationals. For example, KDDI, one of the three major Japanese operators, sells a large number of “keitai denwa” (portable telephones). The so-called “keitai denwa” (portable telephones) mobile phone means that regardless of the development of mobile IT technology in your world, Japan has developed its own unique mobile phone.

In fact, this is because many years ago, the development of traditional feature phones in Japan was relatively advanced. As early as the time when smartphones were not widely used, the largest operator in Japan, NTT DOCOMO, dominated a mobile phone with i-mode as its core function. Ecology, at that time, Japan’s feature phone was able to access the Internet, NFC payment, and news. The Japanese feature machine had a good experience in downloading apps, searching, shopping, sending mail, music, reading, and social login.


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In addition, the function customization service of Japan’s feature phone is very developed, which basically meets the general needs of Japanese mobile phone users for the intelligentization of mobile phones. At present, the Japanese feature machine has in fact continuously evolved to a very high level, with little difference from the smartphone. To some extent, it can be said that the Japanese functional machine is just a smart machine with a keyboard that is covered with a functional machine casing. Currently, there is still a certain support rate among consumers. Even data shows that Japan’s feature machines are not falling, while smart machines are continuing to decline.

Sony Walkman phone
Sony Walkman series phones

In Japan, flip phone is very popular, and under the influence of Japan’s island effect, many smart machines form a unique closed ecosystem in Japan.

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Why Japan and Europe do not handle mobile phones? This issue is worth discussing. Let’s talk about Japan, which is close to us.

In Japan, there is such a dominant mobile phone market, yes, that is our beloved little coward Sony. Sony’s influence does not need me to say more about it. The concept of “three-phones” (waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof) is promoted by Sony, and the introduction of the z-series makes Sony’s mobile phone world-famous. However, in only three years, Sony has turned directly from a global mobile phone maker to a marginal company. This is indeed worth thinking.

Japan’s industrial design is naturally a bar without explanation. Even if it is a three-year model, all appearances are beautiful, but you cannot refute it.

However, under the design that has led the world for decades, it is a system that lacks polish. I don’t know if you have used Sony’s z5p, but its anti-human system design is really driven by crazy users. It supports dual-card dual-standby but it requires a lot of interfaces in the settings to adjust. The second card. I really don’t know what Sony’s software team thinks about when it comes to developing systems.

There are app icons, there is no beauty at all, one will be a round for a rectangle will be a round rectangle, a bright color will be a dark color for a while, the entire system icon is not only chaos but also chaos crazy! This system with Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s TouchWiz, Huawei’s EMUI is completely different grades, and its failure is naturally taken for granted.

However, these problems concerning the Sony system have existed since the beginning. Users have received countless feedbacks, numerous tweets, numerous complaints, and numerous expectations for new systems and new systems, but they have not received any improvement. This again has to mention another characteristic of Japan: paranoia and conservative.

Not only mobile phones or electronic products but also not limited to the Sony company, Japan’s conservative, paranoid, has long been integrated into their spirit. They don’t change their jobs forever, they don’t change their partners, and stubbornly guard the city of the soul that has been gradually lost. In many ways, even if they are shortcomings, they are guarded like a fanatic. However, electronic technology is a fast iterative product category. You can only continue to innovate, improve, and make yourself better. However, Sony has many advantages, but at the same time, there are too many shortcomings that they do not want to correct. A shortcoming can be tolerated for half a year, but it has not changed since it was repeated for three years. This has caused people to lose patience. This is exactly what Sony, after slamming into the mobile phone market with a science and technology giant, took a flagship machine with poor workmanship in such a posture and reluctantly hid in the corner of the mobile phone market.

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