What’s Behind The Weird WhatsApp Account “Momo”?

In various forums, users write that they have received spooky messages, voice messages and pictures from a WhatsApp account called “Momo”. ViralXD clarifies what’s behind the profile.

The YouTube brothers Marvin and Kelvin aka PrankBrosTV with 1.4 million subscribers have tried it out. They had contact with Momo and received several comments from the WhatsApp haunt.


Account writes: “I died”

The creators get a message with the text: “I died.” They also receive a voice message. This is a scratchy sound to hear. Pretty scary. Then the number tries to call the two YouTubers but then lays down after a second. The YouTube duo would have seen their head, as the boys claim in the video.

That had been too scary to them, they stop first and then start another attempt two days later. This time, however, things are different, the Japanese number has blocked the boys’ number. Instead, however, another Japanese number has written a message with the content: “Play?” A reference to the movie “Saw”, in which the protagonist always wants to play a game with others. The guys from PrankBrosTV do not mind that, they write “Yes!”

Two minutes later, a redirected photo of Marvin, one of the creators, appears on the mobile phone display. The boys are horrified, Marvin assures that they have not posted the photo anywhere and have never sent it to anyone else yet. According to him, the photo should only have been on his smartphone. Afterward “Momo,” writes: “Sure?” Sure, the creators are suddenly not anymore. “Hey guys, that’s too much,” they say. They are very worried that the phone has now been hacked and the data may fall into the wrong hands. “Momo” continues: “Too late. See you soon.”

This is known about “Momo”

At least the appearance of the account is not new. The face is from a sculpture that was exhibited in the Vanilla Gallery in Japan two years ago. The art gallery is in Tokyo and is known for its crazy and colorful characters. One of them has now achieved worldwide fame through WhatsApp. “Momo” looks like a harpy, a hybrid that consists of half a woman’s body and the other half of a bird.

For several weeks, more and more articles and forum posts appear on the subject.

TECHBOOK writes with “Momo”

On the Internet, we find three numbers of the said WhatsApp account. The best known of these numbers comes from Japan, has a Japanese area code and in the description are Japanese characters. If one translates these, it says: “People call me L”. Another number in circulation has a Colombian area code, another from Mexico.

We write all three numbers on WhatsApp. The number from Mexico has no WhatsApp, we assume that this is a fake. The other two numbers work. In her profile picture, the creepy grin actually appears. We write: “Hello Momo”.

The Japanese “Momo” has used Japanese characters in her description. 

This is the profile of the Columbian number. 

After that nothing happens. Not terribly scary. This could also be because the status of the Momo numbers tells us how long the sinister profiles were no longer on WhatsApp online. The Japanese Momo was online for the last time on July 11, the Colombian Momo two days ago. Not even to the second hook does it manage our message. Highly unlikely, therefore, that we still get an answer.

“Momos” birth

The alleged origin of the WhatsApp fright wants to have clarified the page Steemit . So the Character should have originated as a joke between two friends in Japan.

So all just a joke? Ultimately, we can not pinpoint exactly what Momo is all about. But it seems as if former scary stories that children used to tell around the campfire would have been obsolete and would now be replaced by such sinister profiles. However, if you receive such messages from unknown profiles, you should be careful. You can not know what’s happening to your data and phone number. Therefore, at best you simply should not respond to such requests.

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