What Will Happen To Our Body As If We Eat ”Human Meat”?

The fact that humans eat other human flesh is called “cannibalism”.

In modern times, such a thing does not come true as a matter of course, but in the past, it was believed that cannibalism was performed culturally and healed the disease.

Let’s imagine you and your friend is stuck in a snowy mountain, with no human contact for days or month and you ran out of food, the only food left for eating is ………Your Dearest Friend

what would do in such a circumstance, Today let’s unravel what happens to our body as we eat meat!

 1. Low in Calories 

In conclusion, you better not eat human meat. So, I will explain the reasons in order.

We know that human meat is only about 1300 kilocalories per Kilo

Considering that beef is 3500 kcal, wild boar and Beaver is 4000 kcal, you can see that the meat is a fairly healthy meat.

However, it is difficult to get out of hunger by biting a good arm of your friend when he is distressed at the snowy mountain.


2. Bad for your Health

In the first place, because it is so contaminated to see modern people as meat, it is thought that symptoms like food poisoning will come out when eaten raw.

I do not know what kind of illness the partner suffers, but there is the possibility of getting viruses such as hepatitis, AIDS, cold, cancer etc in my body. This will not change, even if it is a 17-year-old 


3. Kuru Disease

Then, if it says whether to fire enough, that is not the case.

Long ago, Foret people of Papua New Guinea had a custom of eating the brain and meat of a deceased family culturally. However, as these practices continued, many people were infected with “Kuru disease” in which brain nerve cells were atrophied by the protein called prion and died. (Like mad cow disease in cattle)

When it develops, in the first stage, posture and walking become difficult, spine, neck becomes unable to turn, In the second stage, walking is impossible, emotions become unstable and melancholy, uncontrollable laughter rises up.

And in the third stage, even if you speak, your reaction stops, eventually leading to death.

It is horrible, is not it? · I have examined other cases of cannibalism, but it is hundreds of dangerous and has no advantage.

4. What does it Taste like?

But what kind of taste is it … Does it matter a bit?

Actually, the artist who touched it and the criminal have done cannibalism.

Among them, familiarity with human flesh is the German murderer “Armin Meiwes”. He is a person who killed people and ate about 20 kg of human meat.

In an interview in the prison, he answers, “The taste of human meat is similar to the taste of pork, but it is more tasty and good.”

But, of course, it is very bad for your health so no matter how hungry you are, please never hurt your friends’ delicious looking arms.

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