What Does The Internet Do To Our Brain?

You see the interesting short movies, disgusting illustrations and impact articles that casually look at Twitter and you will be pegged to that content.

Depending on some people, sharing with SNS, or inflating nostrils, maybe you guess who is the Lord who painted this shameful illustration.

It’s like this for 3 minutes while you are on the Internet.

We are constantly being checked in this way for information quickly, but what kind of influence is there in our brain by such customs?

Let’s unravel the influence of such a net on our brain today.

1. The brain has not changed

Nicholas Kerr, author of technology books, says, “Thanks to the internet, we are not thinking much about it deeply and have only superficial knowledge.”

In order to better understand this remark, we need to go back to prehistoric times.

At that time, humans wanted to know everything that is happening around us.

Because the more I knew about my circumstances, the better I could protect my surroundings from enemies and cold and increase my survival rate.

Also, we know that the human brain releases “Dopamine”, a pleasure substance, as a reward for searching for new information and obtaining information.

In other words, the primitive man helped to raise brain juice and even survival rate by obtaining various kinds of information.

However, as we live in this era, predators like beasts do not get attacked, do they? Nevertheless, our brain has not changed from the past.

This is a problem.

2. Distracted

The Internet is surprisingly packed with information, and every time we get that information, we are born with pleasure in our brain.

Therefore, there are people who use the Internet to look up something, read articles, watch inbox, and always check SNS.

Through these acts, we are constantly distracted.

But this is dangerous.

3. Concentration

Because, in this way, when another thing comes into my head in a brain, what I was thinking at that time is pushed out of my head.

We concentrate and remember things by thinking calmly.

This is a process called “immobilization of memory”, the words and test contents you have to remember are firmly engraved in the brain by moving from short-term memory to long-term memory Even if you are studying the exam taken for the life, if the mail ringtone rings at this point, then the wonderful information will fly away from your head.

And the inside of my head is full of shameless images flowing on Twitter, and as a result, the opportunity to learn something disappears.

This is also all due to the Internet.

Try looking at great works of art and inventions.

Surely, those works should have been made by those who could control and concentrate their own mind.

A great person such as Van Gogh, Einstein, etc. would have never been born if you always care about SNS.


4. Make time to not see the net

By concentrating, we humans can think slowly, think conceptually, think objectively.

“Why did I make a mistake today?” “When I think from the other party, there is not that statement …” When you look at the net, you come to the same cute The cat ‘s video is seen and forgotten.

But do not get me wrong.

Of course, the Internet is useful in many ways and should be respected.

However, understanding that there are disadvantages, it may be important to consciously make time to concentrate on one thing for a while, to calm the mind, take time to leave the electronic equipment every day.

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