Top 10 Incidents That Really Happened In The Bermuda Triangle There's No Smoke Without Fire

The boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle are most fluctuating. It is commonly accepted that it is between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda but several stories extend its boundaries to such an extent that it is difficult to make a precise route. But after all, there is talk of a legend. From a persistent myth, which continues to fascinate paranormal enthusiasts. In any case, many incidents have occurred in this area. The US Coast Guard says it has responded to more than 8,000 distress calls from the Triangle, and an estimated 190 ships and some 80 planes have disappeared. In the lot, several cases have specially marked the spirits and helped to feed the myth …

1. Thomas Lynch Jr.

Forced to replace his suffering father, Lynch finds himself signing the United States Declaration of Independence in 1774 in Philadelphia. What makes him one of the founding fathers. Anyway, it is sick that he goes to sea with his wife to join the Caribbean in 1779. A trip that will be without return for the one whose boat disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. We are still without news. This is one of the first reported disappearances in this sector.

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2. The USS Cyclops

It is loaded with block this supply boat and its 309 men leave Barbados early 1918, Baltimore direction, on the east coast of the United States. Unfortunately, as he crosses the Triangle, the boat disappears. All the searches carried out never allowed to find the least debris. This is the case so far the most “massive” disappearance ever recorded.

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3. The Tudor Star Tiger

This plane and its 25 passengers left Santa Maria in the Azores on January 30, 1948. While flying over the fateful zone, the radio contact is lost with the operator, who does not delay to launch the alert in case the passengers would need assistance when landing in Bermuda. But the plane never arrives. There neither the excavations, however intensive, did not give anything. Nearly a year later, on January 17, 1949, another plane, the Star Ariel, suffered the same fate. He was carrying 20 people.

4. The Flight 19

Five fighter-bombers went missing on December 5, 1945 while on a training flight off Florida. 14 men thus disappeared as if by magic. During the search, it is a seaplane carrying 13 people who were lost at sea. The incident is at the center of Steven Spielberg’s film Rencontres du Troisième Type, which does not hesitate to embellish everything to mix the aliens.

5. The Hewitt

The last radio call of this ship was heard on January 25, 1921. It was also seen near the coast of Florida. From Texas, he was to reach Maine in the northeastern United States. It never arrived and no wreckage was found.

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6. The Witchcraft

The most superstitious can always say that a boat called “Sorcery” could only get in trouble. Because it is indeed what it is about here, even if its history is most curious. Sailing close to the coast, to allow passengers to admire the Christmas lights of Miami in late 1967, the ship was hit by something. The captain then requested a tow while stating that the incident had not done much damage and that he was going to launch a distress rocket to indicate his position. 20 minutes later, the coast guards were there but could not find any boats. The research that followed was equally fruitless. Note that no distress flares were observed by the rescuers.

7. The Trislander

This is the latest incident reported. In 2008, a small plane took off from Santiago for New York, with 12 passengers on board. After about 35 minutes, the radar indicates that the plane is gaining more and more altitude until it becomes rather scary. It ends up also out radar screens to disappear in turn without leaving a trace.

8. The C-54

A strange case that dates from July 3, 1947. After taking off from Bermuda, this plane piloted by a very experienced commander, which carried 6 people in all, was obviously attracted by a huge storm, while he could have largely bypassed it. An investigation concluded that the aircraft had been totally pulverized but no conclusive evidence came to explain how it could have been “sucked” into the vortex that visibly caused its loss.

9. The Ellen Austin

A large ship regularly making the junction between New York and London, the Ellen Austin crossed the road of a sailboat in 1881. Seeing that it was empty, the crew decided to transfer some of the people of the Ellen Austin on board to bring him back to England. Nevertheless, a storm separated the two boats. While returning to the United States, the Ellen Austin found the same boat and thinking to recover his men, found that again, the boat was empty.

10. The Caveau des Chase

We leave the sea to stay at the dock, on the occasion of a story that is nevertheless related to the Bermuda Triangle, as it takes place in Barbados. The Caveau des Chase is a burial vault located at Christ Church. A heavily sealed vault that closes an authentic mystery. Indeed, at each opening, coffins (lead) change their position, with the exception of one, which remains where it has always been.

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