LOL-Top 11 People Who Troll Protesters And It’s Funny

Sometimes the demonstrations are good, sometimes it’s boring and we get pissed off. Fortunately, there are people who have decided to come trolling the different gatherings, and it gives some high level in the field of humor. We look closely but not too much otherwise it becomes unclear.

1. “Homosexuality is a sin, come back to Jesus!”

“No, it suits me. ”

Jesus is cool with it

2. “I am a migrant, I came to steal your work except that you do not have one.”


I came to take your job but…

3. “It’s easy to be pro-choice when you’re the one who’s not killed.”

It’s easy to be pro-life when you’re the one who is not pregnant. ”

4. “If I can not marry my boyfriend, then I’ll marry your daughter.”

5. “My wife is Muslim and not a terrorist, but I still fear her.”

6. “Jesus caught 12 guys and a prostitute, he was more like me than you are.”

7. “Pornography is dangerous …”

“… for my wrist. ”

7. “Pornography is dangerous …”

“… for my wrist. ”

8. “I was told there would be cake.”

9. “Ban Candy Crush invitations.”

10. “You deserve hell.”

“You deserve potassium. ”

11. “Repent and believe in Jesus.”

“Vader is my lord. ”

Someone has sausage?

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