Top 10 Worlds Most Famous Paintings Ever

The most well-known and famous painting on the planet is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Painting is an art of workmanship and a matter of innovativeness. Yet, some craftsman Artwork is popular everywhere throughout the world. These works of art showed in the diverse exhibition hall in the world. These are not most costly sketches, but rather these are celebrated for all works of art.

View the rundown of Top 10 most well-known sketches ever.

10th: The Birth of Venus, 1486- Botticelli

It is a painting by Sandro Botticelli, an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, a temple painted on a canvas. It is a masterpiece of 172.5 cm in length and 278.5 cm in width, currently held in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and exhibited
As this picture is told in Greek mythology, Goddess Venus (Aphrodite) is depicted as a birth appearance from the sea, as a mature adult woman.

A large number of “birth of Venus” in pop culture, such as advertisement and movies, are still being created and altered.

9th: The Night Watch, 1642- Rembrandt

Painting work by Rembrandt van Riin of the 17th-century painter of the Netherlands. This work has been called this generic name since the 18th century, but the more appropriate title is “the civil squad of French · Banning · Cock Captains and Vice-Captain Willem van Routenburg”. Currently, it is exhibited in the National Art Gallery in Amsterdam, and it is regarded as a masterpiece of paintings of Rembrandt and Hollander Golden Age. I gave a dramatic look to the group images using the Chiaroscuro (light-dark method). With strong sunlight coming from diagonally above to create a shadow, Rembrandt embosses three main figures out of the group image, the middle captain, and deputy captains, and the girl in the center-left back.

8th Water Lilies, 1916- Claude Monet

“Waterlily” is a collective term for a series of paintings painted by Monet. It is one of the masterpieces of Monet who is regarded as a person representing Impressionism. Since there are more than 200 works of “water lily”, the market evaluation of each piece varies, but the work entered in the auction of New York in May 2014 was awarded a value of 24 million dollars.

7th: A Girl with Pearl Earring, 1665- Vermeer

One of the masterpieces of Dutch painter Vermeer. Sometimes it is called “a girl in a blue turban.” Also called “Dutch Mona Lisa”. Vermeer was not evaluated before living, and the owner of this picture also ran through. It was purchased in the Hague auction in 1881 for only about 100$, then donated to the Mauritz Heise Art Museum, which has been held here since. If it is dealt with now, its price is said to be 30+ million $

# 6: Guernica, 1937 years Pablo Picasso

Spain painter Picasso drew in 1937 during the civil war in Spain. And mural paintings made of the same pattern as that. The theme is the city indiscriminate bombing that Guernica of Vizcaya Province received by the Concorde corps of the German Air Force. This picture kept in modern art in New York in 1969 hoped that paintings stayed in New York at the present time due to the will of Picasso’s intention and returned to the Spanish government when the Spanish people’s freedom was established. When Franco ‘s dictatorship regime came to an end, it was finally returned to Spain in 1981 after the transition period of democratization.

5th: The Scream, 1893 Edvard Munch

A work that can also be said to be synonymous with Munk produced by Norwegian expressionist painter Munch. Munch in the 1890s who had no choice but to face sickness and death, such as death of a sister in adolescence by losing her mother in childhood produced the theme of “love” and “death” and the “anxiety” they bring , And it is one of the workgroup called “freeze of life”

4th: The Creation of Adam, around 1511- Michelangelo

A part of the fresco painted by the Michelangelo at the height of the annual production in the upper part of the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican. In the work around 1511, it is said that the God written in the Old Testament “Genesis” expresses the scene where life is brought to the first human being, Adam. Among the paintings of the Sistine Chapel, it is the fourth piece of the nine episodes that were drawn on the theme of “Old Testament”.

3rd place: The starry night, 1889 – Vincent van Gogh

One of the representative works of Van Gogh, a late impressionist painter of the Netherlands. It was drawn during medical treatment at the mental hospital of Saint-Paul-de-Mozor abbey in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. Currently, it is in the permanent collection at MOMA New York Museum of Modern Art.

It is said that “Star Moon Night” is a work born of Van Gogh’s memories, imaginations and various emotions in the scenery actually seen. also said that the theme of this painting is “death”.

2nd: The Last Supper, 1498- Leonardo da Vinci

The evening before Jesus was executed, dinner took with twelve apostles, a scene when Christ predicted that one of them at the dinner table betrayed me. It was drawn as a mural painting of the dining room of Santa Maria Delle Grazie monastery (now World Heritage) in Milan, which is huge, 420 x 910 cm. In Leonardo’s painting which is said to be incomplete most works, although it is one of a few finished works, it is also known as the most damaged painting. Using the science of perspective, dark and light, and anatomy, he created a new art completely different from that.

First place: Mona Lisa 1503 – 1519 Leonardo da Vinci

It is said that it is a portrait of a woman whose only upper body is drawn, “a work most famous in the world, most seen, most written, best sung, but the most parody work was made.” The model of “Mona Lisa” is said to be Liza del Jacondo, a wife of Francesco del Jocondo, who was a wealthy merchant in Florence and an administrative officer.

Currently, it is a state-owned property of France and the Louvre museum in Paris has permanent exhibits. This work, which was innovative in various respects such as the uncertainty of the subject often expressed as “mystery”, the large screen composition of the scale, the delicacy of the stereoscopic depiction, the atmosphere of deceiving painting, etc.,

Continuing to fascinate, it has become the subject of research. Leonardo depicts a woman of “Mona Lisa” with a typical composition at that time, where the sacred Virgin Mary was drawn. With the fanciful landscape as a background, we incorporate air perspective into painting.

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