Top 10 Famous Movie Characters That Are Absurd When You Think About It

There are cult movies we love so much that we no longer question their legitimacy in our video library (haha the thing too old no one has unless it is at least 92 years old). And yet, some characters in these films are totally absurd or a little stupid. We worship cons.

1. Thanos in Avengers

The good big villain of Avengers has goals quite chelou when you think about it. On the one hand he wants to destroy half of the universe so as to let the other half survive (wahouuuu what a beautiful metaphor on ecology!), Then, on the other hand, the guy has never said that with his super strong mega powers he could perhaps create sufficient resources for the whole planet and all humans? Debussy type in real life.

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2. Keyzer Soze in Usual Suspects

Think about it for two minutes, the guy leaves a lot of clues throughout his interrogation with the police who will eventually discover a little late that their suspect does not care about their mouths since the beginning. So OK it’s funny but this character is totally stupid to knowingly leave clues unless he has the intimate hope of being caught.

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3. Simba in The Lion King

Initially Simba breaks because he thinks he is responsible for the death of his father Mufasa, crushed by a herd of wildebeest. Then he comes back when he learns that in fact, it was a mounted shot of his uncle Scar who let Mufasa die by letting him fall on the wildebeest. But at no time this dumb kitten thinks to blame the wildebeest directly because it is still they who cause one of the most traumatic deaths in the history of the world.

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4. The characters in Vice Versa

In this wonderful and wonderful story, we enter the minds of people to discover the dashboard of their emotions. In this case, in the head of a little girl, we find the emotions Joy and Sadness, except that at the end of their adventures, Sadness will laugh and Joie will whine which assumes that in our heads we have emotions that have themselves emotions and so on. It’s worse than Inception makes this movie.

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5. The inhabitants of Mül in Valerian

Well, it’s not as if we were at a near incoherence in this interstellar turnip but still, that’s a lot. We are shown inhabitants supposed to be ultra-advanced, who learn science by snapping fingers, who have adapted over the years, in short, they are gifted to the end of the string and yet guys are stuck with their ship while because they miss a pearl to start the engine. In fact, they are just big names.

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6. Mystic in X-Men

The girl she can take the appearance of anyone in the smallest detail but she is not even fucked to hide her scars. She looks a little shameless yeah this mutant.

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7. Batman in the Nolan trilogy

That Batman changes his voice when he leaves in the evening disguised, that still I want. But that he changes his voice even when he speaks to people who know his true identity, or even worse, when he is alone, there really it is not explained.

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8. Tarzan in his Disney adaptation

That Tarzan learns English is fine. Let him learn with Jane who is an English woman with a very chic accent, why not? But then can someone explain to me why Tarzan ends up talking English with a pure American accent? MYTHO OUAIS.

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9. Spider-Man in himself

Peter Parker’s sweet name is believed to have super-strong spider powers, including detecting danger before it happens. Convenient. But not very practical for an action movie scenario because it fills the effects of surprise a little. Suddenly, we totally made it upside down since Spider-Man has not even been able to recognize the Green Goblin disguised as an old lady. We are really taken for hams.

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10. Hela in Thor: Ragnarok

The girl is supposed to be the goddess of death and yet she still needs a hangman to kill in her place. WHAAAAAT?

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The absurdity is limitless.


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