Top 10 Countries Citizenship That You Can Buy

In the world, there are 10 countries that openly allow you to buy your citizenship – most of these countries rate as offshore.

In addition to these dozens, there are still countries where allow applying for naturalization according to a number of conditions. For example, the United States. However, the process is considerably more difficult there than just investing a certain amount of funds.

So How much money to get citizenship:

Austria – 23.7 million dollars 

Cyprus – 2.4 million dollars 

Malta – 1.1 million dollars 

Turkey – one million dollars 

Vanuatu – 226.5 thousand dollars 

Grenada – 208.3 thousand dollars 

Saint Kitts and Nevis – 150 thousand Dollars 

St. Lucia – 100 Thousands of Dollars 

Dominica – 100 Thousands of Dollars 

Antigua and Barbuda – 100 Thousands of Dollars.

So are you planning to buy any!!

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