TOP 10: Best Action Movies of The Millennium

We’ve selected and rated the top ten action movies for you: these action movies are fun.


10.The Bourne Conspiracy (2004)

Matt Damon rushed across the screen in 2002 in “The Bourne Identity” (directed by Doug Liman, “Edge of Tomorrow”) as an agent with memory loss, but director Paul Greengrass revolutionized that with his successor two years later Action genre. With a completely unleashed handheld camera and borderline hysterical cut, Greengrass created a monster of the film that was appropriate to the confusing world after September 11, 2001. With Bourne James Bond got a more than a serious competitor, who gets by without martinis, gadgets and other theater. The 007-makers reacted with the pithy Daniel Craig to after Bourne even have a reason to exist. More cannot reach agent action.

9.Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

In this furiously staged action opera, George Miller gives us all the action cinema can do with growing digital power: from the crisp picture optics to the bombastic Junkie XLs soundtrack to the brilliant symbiosis graphically pointed comic style and unique handmade action of the old school – there are no wishes unfulfilled. Completely cope this infernal action strip wins six Oscars in the major secondary categories for its craftsmanship perfection.

8. Kill Bill: Vol.1 (2003)

When keen swords meet cutting jokes and clashes of detailed battle scenes with succinctly pointed dialogue sequences, we speak of Tarantino’s stylistically perfectly staged death ballet in “Kill Bill: Vol. 1”. How Tarantino mixes his favorite genres from eastern, spaghetti western, martial arts, samurai movie and blax poetry here is nothing less than visionary art.

7. The Raid 2 (2014)

The predecessor of 2011 set new standards in martial arts cinema with a simple and ingenious premise: police fight each other floor by floor in computer game style through a high-rise occupied by gangsters. The sequel topped the action again – and incorporated them into a highly complex gangster saga.

6. Tiger & Dragon (2000)

Gravity is what a failure! With his visually stunning action epic Ang Lee finally established the Chinese Wuxia in the West: Fantastically excessive historical spectacles, in which the heroes in their battles on such profane things as gravity ignore.

5. Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol (2011)

Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jack Bauer … and, yes, Ethan Hunt. An action hero par excellence who can easily do without the JB shortcut and the well-rehearsed proof that everything that made the 007 series so unique can be combined in one movie: action, exotic locations, beautiful women, technical gadgets like the iPad variant of the legendary Yps-the-corner-look-telescope and a casualness à la “Ocean’s Eleven”. Pixar star Brad Bird delivers the best part of the agent series.

4. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Not only because Tom Cruise has to believe in it countless times. No: This realistically filmed action killer catapults the viewer directly into the action. And that has it all: Again and again, the plot surprises with clever twists, without ever losing its fast-paced straightforwardness. Seldom has Cruise been so fun this millennium.

3. James Bond 007: Skyfall (2012)

Challenged by the Bourne series, Bond creators took their agent into the 21st century with Daniel Craig as a vulnerable anti-hero. “Casino Royale” (2006) first showed us Bond as a real human being, but only “American Beauty” director Sam Mendes took us deep into Bond’s past in “Skyfall” – without neglecting the Bond core business: spectacular action.

2. Ong-Bak (2003)

When top-notch action meets Far Eastern choreographed martial arts, it’s awesome. No doubt the story gets some scratches on all the innovative real action. But who needs draft if only the high jumps (without “auxiliary cable”) provide such a spectacle?

1. The Avengers (2012)

When we compiled the list of the best action films of the new millennium, we have always come across superheroes. So many giant superhero action movies that we’ve decided to make it into our own top ten list (coming soon). However, since we can not speak of action in the 21st century, without mentioning Thor, Iron Man and Co., we have limited ourselves to this spectacular best of the Marvel heroes.

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