Top 10 Anecdotes About the Human Body That May Leave You Speechless

The human body is a strange machine and although we have all the episode of “Once upon a time,” it’s always hard to pin down everything. Especially since the body still reserves a lot of surprises. A user has therefore decided on Reddit to launch a little simple subject : what are the surprising little properties of the human body that amaze you the most. And the result is far from disappointing.

    1. When a pregnant woman suffers organ damage (such as a heart attack) the fetus sends her stem cells to accelerate her recovery
      While it’s true that scientists have observed this phenomenon in rats, some cases have also been studied in some pregnant women with cardiac impairment. The latter had a higher than normal stem cell count after delivery. Pregnant women are the new Wolverine.

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    2. The man can beat any animal in the race … of endurance
      In the long run, the ostrich and the cheetah can always be clever, they are dislodged.

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    3. If you do not reproduce, you are the first in your lineage not to do it.
      It seems obvious, but when you think of the thousands of generations that have preceded you, tell yourself that you are the first in your history. lineage not to be damned to give life, it’s dizzying. And it puts a little pressure.

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    4. Gentlemen, half of your penis is inside your body
      We know, it can be frustrating but what do you want, we are so made.
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    5. Did you know that cyprine (vaginal lubrication) was partly blood plasma? 
      It’s not much, but you have to know about it.

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  1. When your eyes quickly jump from objects to objects, your brain purposely erases the motion blur.
    It then replaces the micro-seconds suppressed by the first image seen by your eyes when they stopped. That’s why sometimes when you quickly look at your watch, the first second seems longer than the others. In all, it is 20 to 30 minutes of sight that we lose each day. (An English videoexplains it better than us.)

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  2. The mystery of the déjà vu
    sensation This strange feeling that affects 7 out of 10 people is very difficult to study since we do not know how to trigger it. However, there are several theories and the most common is as follows: your brain (still him) would partially stop working a nanosecond, which is small but enough to generate a small shift that gives us the impression of reliving what happens under our eyes. You’ll know more here .

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  3. Superhuman force in case of danger
    Just like the “déjà-vu”, the “hysterical force” is not proven or explained scientifically. How then to explain those cases in which a single person raises a car to save his child stuck underneath, or this Inuit woman who fought a bare bear to save his son? Several scientists have worked on the subject but no one has really found an answer, adrenaline can not explain such a discharge of power.

    °Avengers Hulk, Loki-1337008016
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  4. The brain is unable to feel pain
    If without it you would not feel the pain (you would not feel much else), the brain is totally lacking the necessary sensors. Thus, if a brain tumor causes a patient to suffer, it is because of the pressure exerted on the tissues around the brain but not because of the organ itself. It’s crazy, is not it?

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  5. (bonus) The power of a pubic hair
    And if you ever feel fragile as a human being, weak, not very strong, tell yourself that only one of your pubic hair can close a restaurant. And that is priceless.

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Surprised huh … You know others?

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