This 22-year-old Earns a Fortune with Snapchat Logan Paul, who has turned from an unknown handsome into a Snapchat superstar

Every new Snapchat beginner asks the same question: Who should I follow and how do I find the coolest Snapper? That’s why we show the Snapchat accounts, which you should definitely visit. Today: Logan Paul, who has turned from an unknown handsome into a Snapchat superstar.

Logan Paul is an absolute social media superstar in the US! But before Logan found his way into social networks, he was a normal student from Westlake, Ohio. Born in 1995, Logan had the typical teenage dream of becoming an actor. However, this was denied him then. But while still a college student Logan discovered his sporting talents, played football from then on and also celebrates some success in wrestling.

Even today you can find some videos of the contest with the hashtag #happyaccidents. His follower numbers exploded, and Logan recognized the potential of social networking.

Logan started on the short film platform “Vine”. Today he has an incredible 9.4 million followers and incredible 4,029,068,829 loops.

Snapchat Stories: Pranks, Balancing and Dabbing

It quickly became clear why Logan’s numbers were skyrocketing. Logan is damn entertaining and quickly became a mix of comedian and prank star. One of his most successful Vine / Snapchat stories is the Splitting Prank.

Logan was filmed with a hidden camera for this, as he did in the midst of a crowded pedestrian street or intersection, a perfect split and caught the astonished reactions of the people and shared in the network.

When you callin to the Gods but also still want to be fabulous AF

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In the summer of 2016, the Snapchat star increased again and use the Olympic Games in Rio for one of his biggest snap stories. Logan himself dubbed his action “THE 2016 DAB OLYMPICS”.

The “Dab” or “Dabbing” is a hip-hop dance movement where you drop your head down and at the same time put your arm in front of your face. The dance move was invented by the US hip-hop crew Migos. But football stars like Paul Pogba (Manchester United) use the move for goal cheering. On the Internet, the “Dab” has now gained cult status. Logan gave the trend appearance even greater attention and lifted the dance move to a previously unattained level.

As a self-confessed sports fan, Logan and his friend Mark Dohner sat in the audience at almost every competition with American participation. And what are the two men doing after every free or sprint? You dab! Per Snapchat, the guys provided direct insights from the grandstand. And the whole world had the opportunity to follow this extraordinary Snapchat story.

Eventually, his stories even reached the athletes, some of whom personally thanked Logan with a “dabbing” salute – such as later gold and silver medal winner Laurie Hernandez. Unfortunately, the International Olympic Committee did not like the little joke. Meanwhile, the best-of-Snapchat clip from Rio is locked on Youtube.

Dreams do not give up – Logan becomes an actor

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old lives together with his friends (also Snapchat / Vine stars) together in Los Angeles and continues to pursue his dream between online hype and movie screen. Meanwhile, Paul can live easy from his Snapchat hobby. Companies are paying him $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 for an advertising clip on Vine or Snapchat (6 or 10 seconds long).

In the meantime, he even managed to get a role in the well-known series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and played a crazy kidnapper. In 2016, Logan finally made it to the movies with the help of Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram. The film #TheThinning celebrates its premiere in the USA on October 12th. Whether Logan on the big screen comes across just as well as on the smartphone, is soon to be admired in the cinema.

You want to follow Logan?

Just take a picture of the snap code. Alternatively, users can also be found by name in the app. You find Logan Paul under “loganpaul”.





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