Actually, The Story Of The Movie ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ Is About ‘Food’?

“2001 Space Odyssey” is a movie that can be viewed in many ways. But have you heard the claim that this work is ” food story “?

This time, this very abstract and extremely interesting “2001 Space Odyssey” introduces the “food story” theory.


The io 9 Charlie Eddie reporter repeatedly watched the “2001 Space Odyssey” and he seemed to have felt a lot of meal scenes against the scale of the movie. And Josh Ronsen wrote the essay ” The Hidden Meaning of 2001: Space Odyssey ” (2007), and he had the same opinion.

If the monolith is not “the god of food “, it can be called ” a food activist / critic in the galactic space .” The monolith knew how surprised the human monkey knew that they were eating twigs and grass, that they were feeding the leopard, and they were fighting against the territory over water. And Monolith evolved human monkeys from their predators to predators.

The Hidden Meaning of 2001: Partially extracted from Space Odyssey

Mr. Ronsen argues that Monolith taught the taste of food to human monkeys. In other words, to tell me the taste of the meat, I told you how to use the tools. Perhaps because I knew how to use the tool to beat it and kill him, it might be a view of a straight thing too.

After 4 million years passed, the audience will see the expansion in the PAN AM shuttle. Before the meeting, Dr. Floyd makes a video call to a distant girl.

What I wanted my daughter who is having a birthday is ” Bush Baby “. This is, Hitozaru is coming from eating had (twigs and grass) bush or would not it? In other words, it is a word with a message saying “Do not forget about food” implicitly .

And, Dr. Floyd participating in the meeting. He refuses to invite him to say “Would you care for tea?” It is a very rude process. There is something called fellow consciousness that can be gained by saying something together. Would not it “recuperate” or “refuse” this drink to remind the anguish that came over the water of the human monkey in the past ?

The Hidden Meaning of 2001: Partially extracted from Space Odyssey

Next, let’s pay attention to the interaction after the liquid food that entered the pack appeared. Dr. Floyd and two crews take snacks on board the ship before landing on the moon. The interaction there is as follows.

“Does anyone have hungry?”

“Is that what it’s like, is it chicken?”

“That’s what it is, the taste will not change.”

“Is there ham?”

“Ham, ham, ham or …….”

The reason why Mr. Ronsen focused on why he chose ingredients called ham. Director Stanley Kubrick was born under the Jewish parents, and in the opinion of Judea ham is considered forbidden food.

It is hard to believe that monoliths respect Judaism and get angry with respect to eating ham, but it is meaningful that Kubrick, famous as a perfectionist, made Judaism forbidden “Ham” in the movie We insist there is.

And just after the crew eats the forbidden ham, the monolith will emit a radio signal and the human will head to Jupiter. Mr. Ronsen wrote that Monolith tried to make food lessons for humanity here.

In “Jupiter envoy”, it is shown that people deal with food after all. First, three of Jupiter’s exploration members, three are in artificial hibernation. In other words, it is ” a state where you can live without eating food .”

Next, paste-like food that ignored “enjoying with eyes” . These would not have been humiliated for the “Galactic Space Food Activist / Critic” monolith .

Also, the chess that HAL 9000 and Frank is playing are excerpts of the aspect of “Roesch – Schlage Hamburg 1913″. So, why was this fight? Is not it thought that the name of the opponent was ” hamburger “?

The Hidden Meaning of 2001: Partially extracted from Space Odyssey

Although it seems to be only confusing, there should have been a reason if perfectionist Kubrick coach. And the reason may be ” All with food keywords “.

Descriptions of food are still going on.

The pool will have a birthday and will receive video messages celebrating your birthday from parents. It was a big birthday cake that was reflected in it. But Paul has nothing to do with it.

Here, Mr. Ronsen said, “I know in advance that the three-year mission is known,” even if you could prepare a birthday cake that can be preserved for a long time if you have a state-of-the-art spaceship Regardless, I am writing that it made me feel uncomfortable with what I did not do.

Shortly thereafter HAL began to show cryptic movements, killing Paul and three artificial hibernating crews and trying to steal Dave’s life. However, HAL who was counterattacked by Dave is disconnected and sings “Daisy Bell” in a fading memory.

Mr. Ronsen argues that this selection is to remind the grass that Humans had eaten.

The monolith would have never welcomed Dave attached to Jupiter. So I sent him to a magical space where I treated it like torture to make a wonderful meal aged for several decades before my eyes . And Dave took a meal that I could feel beautiful and delicious for the first time here, a monolith appeared, and Dave became a starchild and was born again.

The Hidden Meaning of 2001: Partially extracted from Space Odyssey

Both Ronsen and Eddie reporters say “Compared with other science fiction movies, I understand it, but abnormal meal scenes appear in the movie, In addition, these scenes are long scale, meal The content, the appearance of taking meals, and the conversation related to it are carefully drawn, “he said. The importance of the meal in this work, and considering the style of Kubrick’s director, is never a coincidence” Even if it is not a “rice terrorism movie”, food insists on the correctness of this theory when food is a big point.

when many serifs and matters related to foods touches on some important figures. That is the ratio of each side of the monolith, 1: 4:9

The aspect of the monolith is 1: 4: 9 ratio … in fact, this is related to a certain recipe . It is a chocolate · fudge . It is a figure of ratio of the amount of chocolate · fudge material.

How was it? Although it is an unexpected theory, since it is related to Kubrick’s director, there may have been a part that feels…

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