Tesla’s Damaged Model 3 battery modules are still being used

Elon Musk
The employee said: “More than 1,000 punctured and damaged Model 3 battery modules are still being used in the production line. Nevada’s factories store industrial waste in an irregular manner and there is a huge security risk.” Tesla said that the material was deliberately exaggerated and it was not a fact.

It is becoming more and more “interesting” for Tesla‘s “Ghost Incident” to be burnt by “Iron Man” Musk.

On Wednesday evening local time, after being sued by Tesla on the grounds of “stealing of confidential information by third-party companies and distributing it to third parties”, Martin Tripp, a former technical employee of Tesla, said in an external voice. He is just a whistleblower who exposes the Tesla issue to the public, not a saboteur.

Martin responded that he did not damage the company’s internal system, but simply “searched the relevant database,” in order to grasp the relevant evidence, and then revealed to the media “more than 1,000 punctured and damaged Model 3 battery modules. It is still used in the production line; the Nevada plant stores industrial waste in an unconformable manner and there is a huge security risk.”

Martin said: “When one thing has a global impact and it matters a lot, when someone lies to the investor and the public in the car they produce, the right thing you can do is to expose the truth.” The Latin side responded by saying that Martin’s intentional exaggeration was not a fact.

Tesla has not previously identified the specific status of the staff involved in the incident, until this time it was reported to the Nevada State Court to seek compensation of 1 million US dollars, Martin’s identity was exposed.

The entire incident came into public view, starting with an internal email that was sent to all members of the company by Musk last Sunday evening.

In this e-mail, Musk stated that he had just learned that “A Tesla employee has performed a very wide and serious destruction of our business,” including the use of a pseudonym for Tesla’s manufacturing operating system (MOSD). “Direct code changes” and the transmission of large amounts of confidential data to third parties.

Tesla Headquarter

Musk also stated in the e-mail that the “spoiler” may be the “spoofing” of those organizations “wants to shut down Tesla.” The organizations he referred to include Wall Street’s short sellers, oil and gas companies, and Competitors of other car manufacturers. In the second email on the following day, Musk pointed out that a fire that occurred at the company’s factory in Fremont in April may be related to this.

Tesla stated in the lawsuit document that Martin joined Tesla in October last year as a production process technician at the Nevada Battery Plant. Martin described the document as “a sense of anger because he failed to progress. Retaliate against the company’s employees.

According to Tesla, Martin said that he did not really adapt to Tesla’s corporate culture, but denied Tesla’s allegations. “I haven’t contacted any company outside and I haven’t been exposed to people in the oil industry. I only care about public safety. Anything that accuses me of being a saboteur is a lie.”

The mail exchanges between Martin and Musk were also exposed, causing heated discussions. In the e-mail battle between you and me, Martin told Musk: “You lie to investors and the public and you will get retribution right away.” Musk replied: “Threatening me will only make you worse off. “Martin said he was not threatening Musk. “I just wanted to tell you that you will have something to do right away.” Musk still said reluctantly: “You should be ashamed of yourself for mistaking others. You are a terrible person.”

Elon Musk Mail

At the same time, offensive and defensive between Tesla’s official and Martin continues. Tesla also warned that Martin threatened to launch an attack on the company’s factory. Martin denied that: “They are trying their best to silence me and try to use this to form intimidation, so no one dared to report to the media.”

Martin said he has started looking for a lawyer and will apply for official whistleblower protection. In the case where the two sides are stubborn, whoever lies is only waiting for the law to clarify all facts and truths.

Tech XD

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