Top Supermodels Who Failed To Keep The Perfect Figure

Models are the same people like us, with their weaknesses and shortcomings. Despite the fact that almost every model sits on a strict diet and exhausts itself with regular training, many of them are still predisposed to completeness and even the most strict diets do not always help them to stay in great shape all year round. Supermodels, which you will see later, could not keep themselves in good shape and still gained extra pounds.


Gemma Ward


The 29-year-old Australian supermodel Gemma Ward has become a real discovery in the fashion world. And this is not surprising, because she looked like a porcelain doll with an angelic face. And in 2011 she got the role of a mermaid in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which glorified the girl to the whole world. But, unfortunately, Gemma could not keep its charming fragility – over time the model gained a lot of weight and became more like a whale, rather than a mermaid. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties, Gemma returned to the world of fashion and remains one of the richest supermodels in the world.

Linda the Evangelist


This spring turned 52 years of one of the main supermodels of the 90’s. “For less than 10 thousand dollars, I can not even get out of bed” -that is her famous phrase, and Linda Evangelista could really afford it. But we are not sure that Linda would have confirmed her words now: unlike the “colleagues in the shop” (Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer), the supermodel of the “Big Six” failed to preserve its former forms. Not so long ago on the web, there were pictures of paparazzi on which the once popular model simply did not recognize.

Krissy Tagen


31-year-old American model and TV presenter Chrissie Tagen headed the lists of the sexiest women on the planet. But the figure of the girl can not be called ideal, and she herself admits: “Sometimes, even with my husband, I sobbed, thinking that I would never have an ideal body. Everyone has such cool waist and ass, and I also want to look like this, but on the other hand, I want to be confident and contented with myself, like you. ” The model is complex because of its body, but it is not afraid to be itself, condemns the pressure of social networks on our perception of beauty and even puts out photos of their stretch marks on the body that appeared after delivery. Her courage deserves admiration!

Barbara Palvin


Barbara Palvin – 23-year-old top model from Hungary. About the girl first spoke in 2010, when she walked on the catwalk at the Prada show and appeared on the cover of British Vogue. But now the model looks a little different: Barbara markedly gained weight, as evidenced by recent photos in the swimsuit for Sports Illustrated and in the girl’s personal Instagram. However, the model quite suits her figure: “Wow, I read a few comments that I’m fat. Of course, I’m not as thin as when I was 18 years old, but I do not consider myself fat! “- Responds to criticism of Barbara. And rightly so, why upset yourself when you are in demand model, which earns millions of dollars?

Kate Moss


Kate Moss is perhaps the most famous name in the fashion world: it was this Briton with a non-standard appearance that became an icon of style for a whole generation of girls. And everything would be fine, if not for the addictive addictions of the supermodel (we will not disclose the list of bad habits of Kate). Nevertheless, she managed to stay in shape for many years. But time makes itself felt: the balance is broken, and the figure of 43-year-old Kate Moss today is far from ideal.

Kelly Brook


British actress and fashion model Kelly Brook has always been the owner of mouth-watering forms. And while scientists from the University of Texas, who conducted a study among men, recognized Kelly as the owner of the most perfect figure. Imagine, a figure that you called “you need to lose some weight”, and there is that same idea ?! But over the past year, Kelly has pretty much recovered and began to receive negative comments from fans. The model responded to the criticism: “All teenage girls want to look like models in magazines. I remember that I was horrified when I noticed a magnificent bust. Modern women are no longer ashamed of their forms; on the contrary, they are proud of them. Therefore, it was a terrible shock for me to see myself on the cover of the magazine with the title: “Kelly has a body crisis.”

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