Trump Tweets :Real Story behind Viral Merkel Photo at G7 Summit

Trump feels once again in a bad light. The reason this time: The now almost iconographic photo of the G7 summit, in which Chancellor Merkel resembles a strict teacher who teaches a defiant student.

US President Donald Trump has countered the famous photo of him and Angela Merkel in the circle of G7 politicians at the summit in Canada with an alternative image selection. Trump posted several photos of the same scene via Twitter: on one of them Merkel and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smile, while Trump pats the Chancellor’s hand.

The German government published a photo in which Merkel bends over a document, standing there with a serious expression – opposite her is Trump, also with a serious look and crossed arms. The photo was distributed all over the world and documented in the eyes of many observers Trump’s opposition to the rest of the G7 in trade policy – as well as its general isolation in the circle of heads of state and government.

“I have a great relationship with Angela Merkel,” wrote Trump. “But the fake news media only show the bad photos (which imply anger) of negotiating an agreement asking for things no other US president would have asked me to do.”


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