How To Enjoy “Wearing” Manholes

There are many things to miss, but manhole is a place where features of the land often appear. For example, if Okinawa, Acer and Hachiko are drawn in Shibuya. It is similar to overseas, and the raub druckerin , which became a topic last year, is a project that attracted attention with this land pattern design.

T-shirts and backs that transferred patterns of manholes are more graphical than they were imagined, and I’m getting into it, “how did my town stay?” (Laugh).

Because it is such a beautiful transcription, if you think that there is something in the way, it is quite a simple method. Truly, when painting ink and putting what you want to transfer, it is just rubbing and peeling off.

Most of the participants will 
surely face downwards.


On May 18th, I will organize a tour event that aims from Berlin to Portugal while making a manhole T-shirt I like. Because it is quite a distance and it is ten days’ worth, is it that people gathered in manhole much better? (Laugh). I think that it is difficult to participate, but it seems that you can see the sense of each country you do not know unless you go to the site on their Facebook .


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