“Surveillance Cameras” To Monitor Too Much

Security cameras that came to be seen in all places compared to the past, whether in public places or in private places. To see the camera image flowing in the incident related to the incident “It is also in such a place …” It sometimes makes me crisp that it is not working wrong.

Do you know the existence of “noticeable security cameras” which are opposite to the impression of conventional security cameras?

The camera that should be “watch” on the contrary stick out as much as saying “Please look”, and the camera that concentrates many units in one place should feel a sense of incompatibility.

It seems that everything seems to be actually installed, but what you want to pay attention to is its location. The first two are near Sydney’s Bondi beach, two of them are in front of the Vltava River (Moldau River) in Prague. And the last picture of the sea is Arhus in Denmark.

The first two places are famous tourist attractions that many people know. The third Arhus may be unfamiliar to the Japanese, but the city that has been selected as the “European Capital of Capital” in 2017. In other words, this mysterious camera is placed only in places where people gather.

Contemporary art expressing “surveillance society”

The camera was not just a security camera, but an artwork that Jakub Geltner set up. Since 2011, it has been published in seven places, entitled ” Nest “, it says that it expresses the modern “surveillance society”.

People in the picture show people taking pictures or looking at it strangely, but if there were such things in places visited for sightseeing and play, it would have been impossible to keep pace.

I do not know the existence of a person on the other side of the camera, how much we are normally seen from… Many thoughts went through my head.

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