The Library Is So beautiful That You Can Not Concentrate on Reading at All

There are beautiful libraries dotted in the world. It is one of them that appears here. If I could spend time at such a wonderful library, I would rather look at the ceiling alone without thinking.

Beautiful library at museum level


This is the “Clementinum Library” located in the historic building Clementinum in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It is a venerable library built as a university facility in the Jesuits in 1722, but golden stucco plaster on the marble wall, its appearance is as beautiful as a museum in the baroque period.

The painter of Jan Hiebl painted the fresco of the ceiling. However, the details of this person are not much left. A fresco painting depicting the allegorical motif of education and the way the priests of the Jesuits learn.


A globe placed at even intervals on the floor. The books whose tall height is properly aligned are arranged in order, and the atmosphere in the tranquil halls drifts from the photographs as well.

A collection of 5 million books!
Still untouched

Currently, it seems that about 5 million books are in possession as a library of the University of Prague. Incidentally, in addition to the chapel, the observatory, the office room, and the library in the Baroque period with the library praised as “the most beautiful in the world” in the facility.

Well, in Prague, besides this Clementinum Library, there is a library that attracts tourists as “beautiful”. Strahov Monastery, which appears as a stage for a number of movies including “007 Casino · Royale”. The library which is attached here also has an elegant and beautiful interior attractive.

Licensed material used with permission by Oliver Martel Savoie ( Instagram , Flicker ), DREYER

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