How To Light a Fire With Just 1 Lemon

Often in life, there are situations when you need fire, but at hand, there are no matches or lighters. Of course, most likely, in this situation, you will not have a lemon at hand, but it’s not important, because once you come here, it means that your inquisitive minds are still interested in how you can make a fire with it. The system is extremely simple, but you have to be a damn lucky a**hole so that you have all the necessary components with you. So, how to build a fire with a lemon, we look!

For the experiment, you will need:

– a lemon;

– 6 copper plates;

– 6 galvanized nails;

– wire (wire);

– something flammable.


The first thing to do is insert the copper plates into the lemon (or any other available pieces of copper)


Then opposite them, we insert galvanized nails

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After this, we combine copper wires with nails or wires with nails diagonally


To the remaining unused nail and copper plate we connect the wires

If you used wire instead of wires, then do not take it with your bare hands. Put on gloves, or at the worst you can make some kind of tweezers of sticks


And now for what it was all done. Next, place the edges of the wires in your flammable material and connect them together


The electricity produced from the lemon will go through the wires and, by connecting them, you thereby create a short circuit that will cause the joint ends of the wires to redden red. The hot metal in a moment will make any wool or moss burn, and then paper, leaves, sticks, twigs, firewood are on the way ..


More on this in the video


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