I Saw Real Magic At Disney Land

Ultra large theme park “Walt Disney World Resort” in Florida, USA.

Among them, “Magic Kingdom” has been loved by many Disney fans since opening in 1971.

So I will introduce the episodes that people who played Goofy and other characters for more than 20 years said: “I saw real magic”.

This man, who is working at Disney World for over 25 years, was accepting questions and answers on Reddit

He talks about a magical experience that he decided to become a Disney character.

Q: Is there a moment when I thought it looked like magic? There should be something absolutely if there are 20 years ……
A: I was waiting for this question. At first, I was doing a tour guide of VIP, but quitting it and becoming a character is a reason like a magical reason.

That day I worked at City Hall. Two female guests (guests) came bringing two small girls. One was on a wheelchair and the other was on a despairing face. Both of them were cut and bruised, and the child of wheelchair hung his arm with a bandage. Two women are nurses and they came to refund the girls’ tickets.

Usually, I tried not to do as much as possible… I asked for circumstances.

Then the two girls visited their parents and “Epcot” (one of the parks), and they seem to have had a bad traffic accident on their way home. The mother lost his neck in front of the children and his father died after all, but they were not informed yet. The girls came from a foreign country, no money, no one knew contacts. I brought tickets for the time being, and it seemed that they were trying to help them and give them home. When I heard that, my heart sank at once.

I think I can understand by seeing the children, it was really hurting. We immediately refunded and allowed permission to become the girls’ private tour guide for the rest of the day (of course they did not expect it).
I took the parade for the VIP to the audience seat and went as far as I could go with a costume. On the way, I showed off all the jokes that lead to children. I was writing well with a pretty good tour guide. But there was not any effect. The hearts of these two girls have gone far away.

I moved her to the bridge in order to change clothes and cried when I entered behind the scenes. I have never seen such a miserable situation. I could not help the situation, I felt the absence of power and beat it. I went back and went back and took me to the ice cream department, I took attractions and taking them to various places, but after all the girls did not smile after all. Even once. The nurses were having fun. I tried to make the girls crazy enough, but nothing happened.

And I went back to the bridge to see the parade again. I saw magic there. It’s genuine magic. not a lie.

I contacted the department in charge before the parade. I explained to the girls and ordered them to come to see me later. When the parade reached Liberty Square, he said to the girls:
“When I called Mickey Mouse and told you about you, Mickey said you wanted to see you guys.”
A girl in a wheelchair smiled. “True?”
I was excited. “That’s true! Mickey told me to search for myself in the parade and I told you to tell you, and even when I came to the city hall,”
Another girl said, I smiled, “Is it now?”
At last, it began to go well. They talked. I did not smile, but I talked. That’s the first time I asked the girls to talk.

All the parade performers came and told me to look for Mickey. Yes, everyone. When Mickey ‘s float car arrived, Mickey tilted his body, looking at the girls, pointing to the main street. It was good only for that. The girls began to get excited. Suddenly he seemed to forget about “death”. I came to Magical World. I could not believe what was happening at the moment.

We followed the song while singing “Mickey Mania” to City Hall. In the city hall at that time, there was a VIP lounge behind the desk for people and celebrities who are in difficult circumstances. So I was showing a signed book etc.

The woman who was doing Mickey that day (I love it for the whole reason for this reason because of this reason) descended from the floating car, without going off my head, straight to the place behind the scenes, saying “Let’s go” It was. I left Mickey behind me and went back to them. That way you can see the moment they met new friends.

The girls were very shy, but Mickey was responding well. On that day, they saw a real Mickey Mouse. All the characters in the parade met in the costume form.
Greet one by one and leave. The lounge was over an hour. When Mickey finally said good-bye, the two excited girls laughed and held hands on both sides. And he was talking all the time. It was a wonderful day.

But I remember the first thing when I passed by the rose garden. My sister stopped stopping saying, “Mommy loves roses very much! So … ….”

I handed himself out and walked to the gate together. I picked it up and put it on the garden side, and said, “You can take one.” I took a love that I liked happily. From there she did not say anything.

We bid farewell to the wonderful girls and the nurses and returned to the backstage. I did not cry this time. I was pleasantly helpful and helpful.

I also liked the job of hospitality guests at the city hall, but I realized that the real magic of Disney is in the character. I had an audition soon and did not turn back from that day. It was special.

That seems to be an episode of the day when I felt magical that I decided to make a Disney character a profession.

We will also introduce other questions and answers.

Q: When you were wearing a costume, could you talk to people? Then can you goofy monomania?
A: It is a rule that never speaks in front of the guest (guest). Absolutely. Of course, there was nothing behind the scenes, so I said a bad joke. I can laugh how goofy laughs, but it took years to complete.

Q: Tell me what was the funniest thing you saw at the scene.
A: There are more than I can tell. The most impressive day was a special event day. Mickey needed 16 people, each was supposed to go to various rooms. But when all the people met together behind the scenes it was a strange scenery.

Q: What is the worst adult & child rage that you saw so far?
A: On the stage of Queen of Heart, adults have been hitting teenage youth in some cases. I was told that they should not interfere, so I had to leave the place. I saw a lot of guests slashing. Especially when it does not make your way. I’ve had plenty of time to think that I should have had a camera.

Q: How do you survive on a hot day?
A: Actually, it is training. The first month was torture (especially the first parade). However, I get used to it in a few months and even for some years I even forget to wear costumes.

Q: Is it true that the people who play the character tend to be the character of that character?
A: In the case of a performer who makes a face, the answer is both YES and NO. It seems like a high school cafeteria, a cool princess (Anna to Anna) sat on one side, looking at the old characters (Snow White and Mary Poppins) meaningfully. It is very childish. Other characters who wish to look out want to pay respect as if they go to Broadway, there are also types that are not pleased unless treated as such. But that’s an extreme case, most of which is almost the same as we are. There are also some of the best people I have ever met.

Q: Is it true that you get fired if the same character appears in the same place at the same time?
A: It depends on the situation. I have met by accident several times. But it is a mere accident and I think that being fired (as I imagined) was when I was doing it deliberately.

Q: What is your most frustrating request?
A: A man has asked me to stop his neck when I take a picture. I did not do it, but guests will ask you to change things frequently. When I was told that it was the worst that you want me to bring a newborn baby and hold him for a picture. In addition to not seeing nothing in goofy’s costume, I have giant gloves, and if other characters are meatballs or claws, why is it so safe that I will make a baby embrace What?

Q: When taking pictures with someone, are you smiling in a costume?
A: I do it almost every time.

Q: Which is better if parents treat themselves normally and treat them as characters?
A: In most cases, it would be appreciated as a character. I dislike parents “being a man who came suit, so do not be afraid” to be told that it is told, it was unnecessarily frightening children. What I did not like very much was a person who caused some action with trivial questions. In the past I enjoyed it, but recently I have to deal with too many people, so there is pressure to go fast from the top.

Every episode you do not understand when watching from the outside.

I need strict professionalism, but I think that it is a very rewarding work in the sense of giving a dream.

SourceI was Goofy at Walt Disney World for over 20 years!

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