How to Get Rid of Face Swelling/Edema Overnight?And Save Money! [Secret Method]

All the girls have tried, crying at night or drinking water, taking medicines, getting up the next day and getting puffy swollen face which is also called as Facial Edema. In addition to different massagers or massage sticks, you don’t want to spend money. You can use the cold and hot spoon to help you get edema.

Frozen Spoon Massage: Eye Circumference

A frozen spoon massage can help tighten pores and remove edema. However, be careful to apply a cream or oil before using a frozen spoon to prevent the spoon from freezing the skin. If you wake up in the morning and feel edema around your eyes, use a frozen spoon to massage your eyes for three to five minutes, which can help you get rid of edema/swollen face quickly.

Frozen Spoon Massage: Cheeks

Place the back of the spoon on the cheek and gently circle it outward in a clockwise manner. The icy sensation can tighten the facial skin and sooth face swelling remove edema.

Frozen Spoon Massage: Cheekbone

Massage the spoon from bottom to top and massage the cheekbones from the inside out. Also, use the coldness of the spoon to help tighten the facial skin and relieve swollen face and remove edema.

Hot Spoon Massage: Lymphatic

Dip the spoon in hot water for about one minute, and massage the back of the spoon from bottom to top for one minute. Then pull back from the back of the ear to the neck. It helps to smooth the lymphatic use, promote blood circulation, soothe swelling face and edema.

Hot Spoon Massage: Facial Contour

Pull the mouth corner and chin position up to the back of the ear to lift the contour of the face. Remember to open your mouth when you massage and use facial muscles while massage to enhance the face-lift effect.

When using a spoon massage, be sure to gently massage, otherwise, the spoon and the skin will rub too much, which will damage the skin and increase fine lines.

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