Funny & Ridiculous Tricks Behind These Beautiful Photos Funny and ridiculous moments that always remain behind the scenes of beautiful photos

Today, all of humanity has lost its mind in pursuit of beautiful pictures of themselves. Especially can not but irritate the hardened “selfies”, which take absurd poses and make strange faces pulling the phone in front of him. We think people treated their photos differently if they watched more of their creation from the outside. On the other hand, professional photographers also sometimes use ridiculous and funny tricks to make truly beautiful and cool photos. But in this case, who cares how it looks from the outside when as a result you have epic photos on your hands that are worth all the torment.


Dirty pool and slippers


Just like that


The most important thing is quickly kicking




It is necessary to pay tribute to the guy, because in life he is no worse than in the photo


And this girl could easily feel dizzy


But the result was worth it.

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