Do You Know The “4th Man” That Supported Apple’s Breakthrough?

Three men founded ‘Apple’ on April 1, 1976. And while we’re all familiar with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, you probably have never heard of the ‘Fourth Man’

The spot in this article is the “fourth man” called Paul Terrell. Actually, it is said that there was no overwhelming growth of the company without his presence.

Advice that Jobs fate …

Most likely, most people should not know the existence of Paul Terrell.

Actually, he is a pioneer in the technology field. In December 1975, he opened a shop that sold computers for the first time in the world called “The Byte Shop” in Mountain View, California.

One year after opening, two “Hi-Tech Geeks” came to the store and asked them to put the new products they developed into the store.

The product is a kit that allows users to assemble computers themselves. The two were the 21-year-old Steve Jobs and 26-year-old Steve Wozniak.

They are said to be “giants” in today’s high-tech field, but at the time they were just a young hungry entrepreneur. Apple’s third co-founder, Ron Wein, later said that they were really ambitious.

However, Terrell did not sell this product. Because the kit was very attractive, but the assembly was a bottleneck.

So he suggested that they should sell with two computers assembled. That simple word will result in making Apple, one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Terrell said to Jobs and Wozniak if you ordered 50 computers for $ 500 each if you assembled the computer. He looks back on those days.

"At that time, Steve Jobs was a very arrogant person, he did not listen to the opinions of others much as he was prideful, as far as what I did for him, 35 When I was trying to sell only circuit boards in dollars, I convinced that everything should be assembled and sold for $ 500, he did not listen to my opinion quite a bit. "

Jobs and Wozniak did not have the money to purchase the parts necessary for assembling the computer. According to Wozniak ‘s autobiography, they said they did this explanation to borrow money from local banks.

"I have a purchase order from the computer dealer The Byte Shop for 50 of my computers.If you would like to lend us parts expenses on 30 day terms, We can assemble the computer in, then offer it to the dealer and repay it. "

Launched “Apple II” for the first time recognized as a PC

A computer sold at The Byte Shop for $ 666.66 was the beginning of Apple’s success. It was completely assembled but it was something I could not use because I did not have a power supply, keyboard, and monitor…

"We have to make a device that can sell to people who would like to actually use the computer, rather than just selling it to hi-tech geeks."

Receive advice from Terrell, Jobs inspires. Perhaps the world’s first all-in-one computer “Apple II” developed for consumers and high-tech geeks. Terrell says:

"Case and power were not included in" Apple II ", but it was the first thing recognized as a personal computer.I believe that Apple produced the first personal computer, We believe that computers such as "Tandy TRS - 80" and "Commodore Pet" have been released from Exidy. "

In 1981, Apple II was sold for $ 1,298 and recorded sales of 210 thousand. This was the first personal computer mass-produced. In “Byte” in April 1977, “Apple II” is marked as the first complete computer that can be sold at a retail store, taken home, plugged in and used.

Terrell’s simple proposal has become very important for Apple. Jobs invited him and Wozniak in 1984 when “Apple IIc” was sold, and asked them to check out the new product.

"When they developed" Apple IIc ", we introduced the Apple II Forever as a program, Wozniak and Jobs asked me for opinions on the new product because Jobs first accepted me and accepted me Even now, Wozniak's words and expressions at that time are still remembered: "If you did not suggest assembling the computer, you would not have tested the computer in this way."

Terrell recollects in this way and continues further.

"When Jobs passed away, I sent a warning to Wozniak, I wanted to know more about the funeral, I also told him I plan to go to the Bay Area to go to the funeral.Wozniak, "Paul, I still do not know what is going on." Because the family had not announced anything about the funeral yet , Wozniak said, "I always have Apple's fourth I thought that the founder of you was you, you gave us really good advice, there was no success so far, that advice really made a huge difference. Thank you very much"

“Jobs was as
charismatic as I am “

According to Terrell, Jobs was a talent as a leader, he had a special ability to see people.

"Jobs was a charisma, I was one of those people in the past, as I got a presentation, I was able to really get a lot of attention.If you have such ability, That is truly wonderful, many people sympathized with "The Byte Shop" and came about me. Jobs also had exactly the same abilities. We need to win talented people to succeed the company. It was a human being who gained the empathy of product and business, and wanting to work for you. At that time, we did not have sufficient funds. It is important for people working seriously to sympathize with this unstable work and to have them work together. And Jobs was able to make others believe the importance of what he is doing.

Wozniak did not have these characteristics. He was not such a kind of human being. He is very intelligent and more individual oriented. It was an important person who can make something perfectly with just a bit of information. "

Terrell was related to Intel’s founder Robert Neuss, also known as the “Mayor of Silicon Valley”. So I was able to talk to him about the problems faced by the founder of a developing high-tech company. This is a valve of Neuss.

"I wanted to tell you what to do to start a new business, even if Microsoft and Apple, companies may need to sell as the company grows. The important thing is whether you have the ability to take over the company to the next person and bring it to a stage that will bring success to the next level.Microsoft has appointed Jon Shirley as chief executive, I was trying to discover who is going to raise the company to the next level and how to do it.The business is growing and the world is changing now. We believe that both of those companies are taking good measures.Microsoft and Apple have hired a new person.We are concerned that Steve Jobs does not exist and that Bill Gates is behind To worry No need. Their thing is to forget, let's incorporate a new one. "

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should focus on sales regardless of the stage “

Terrell, an important person in Apple’s history. But he says that he is just a computer dealer.

"I am really a man for computers, I am using Android's smartphone and I am not accepting a Mac.I have been using Intel's computer for a long time and that is what I am talking with Jobs and Wozniak for a long term I think that's why I am not taking it.I am a human on the side of Gates. "

Currently, he retires and enjoys writing books. About the theme of the book, he talked as follows.

"Even if there are various ideas, nothing happens until they are sold, as they start business as Apple, I buy it That sale was the beginning.The people seriously think about the success of the business and startup.When you are at any stage you have to concentrate on sales.Who wants to focus on selling this product There are many companies and products that do not seriously think about "how to use" ?. But I have been "selling" throughout my life, and that message is important I think that's it. "

Also, Terrell expects Apple from the last wish it may come true.

"I was touched by Tim Cook, I have never met him, I do not know at all, but what I want now is to live long and invite me to a new base in Cupertino That's it. "

Surely the time will come when Apple will make its wish someday.

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