Simple Body Trick To Ease Pain and Tension Right Away

The human body is strange. If you think about pain in somewhere in the body, you will soon get another pain. But when the uncomfortable symptoms such as clogged nose or throat become irritated next time do not go to the doctor or search the inside of the medicine shelter from the corner to the corner, there are some simple tricks You can relieve symptoms as soon as you use it.


1. Relaxing the calm of throat

It often happens that my throat is tingling and the cough does not stop, does it? Even if you drink tea, it does not change very much. But you can heal in just a few seconds with a simple trick: Please scrub the ears. Of course, it may sound strange at first, but if you irritate your ears, cramping will occur in your throat and relieve the irritability of your throat.

2. Calm the nerve

It is something that everyone can not relax in any way and get irritated and getting out of hand. There is also an easy solution to this condition. Please put on cold water like ice for several minutes. It causes mammalian dive reactions, allowing the body to take oxygen more efficiently, so the nerve calms down.

3. Also at the time of injection

For many people, injections and blood collection are quite difficult. This tricky technique might be useful if it seems that goosebumps will stand just by imagining a needle. What is important here is to devote consciousness. It works best if you gently cough when needles are stabbed. You can divert attention from blood sampling with a needle. But do not complicate the situation, please explain what to do to a doctor or nurse in advance. Of course, while you are coughing, please leave it as it is not to move the arm as much as possible.

4. Nose, refreshing

I’m really frustrated with my stuffiness. Even if I bite my nose occasionally I do not get rid of it. To refresh the nasal cavity, try pressing the tip of the tongue to the upper part of the mouth (hard palate) for several seconds. At the same time, please hit the index finger between the eyebrows. Approximately 20 seconds later, you will be able to breathe again without problems.


5. Prevent blisters

When burned, most people will hit a place where burns a bag with ice first. For mild burns please try to apply your fingertips for a few minutes instead. This will promote the burned part to return to normal body temperature and prevent the formation of blisters. Skin will heal with nature.

6. Dental pain relief

It is good news for those who are suffering from a toothache. Please put square ice against the back of the hand with your thumb and index finger. I am driven by the desire to rub the part and warm it up quickly. The nerve that feels pain also flows to you. Since coldness paralyzes this nerve, 60% to 90% of a toothache is relaxed.

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7. Relieve anxiety and tension

It is troubling that my heart is exciting and exciting with tension all the time. In such a case, try blowing on both thumbs for several minutes. This not only respirates but also helps the function of the vagus nerve to calm the heartbeat. My heart pounding will be healed with just this.

8. Mitigate a migraine

I will really be going to a migraine. Just try it or just take a pain medicine, please try this simple trick. Please lightly press the thumb and index finger between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand with your thumb and index finger. Please try with both hands.

It may not be necessary to run into the hospital immediately or to take medication just because unpleasant symptoms occur. First of all, why do not you try this stuff like this?


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