A White Bicycle “Ghost Bike” Placed At The Side Of New York And London Roads Will Tell You

Have you ever seen a single white bicycle hooked on a road sign at the street corner of New York or London?

It is always fixed in the same place and the dirty appearance seems to be just thrown away at first glance. However, it was not illegally dumped.

A pure white bicycle from this tire to grip is called a ghost bike. All of these bicycles had owners. 

The bicycle that was painted white and stood in the street corner is actually a bicycle that they were riding when they encountered a traffic accident, and the broken car body tells the size of the accident that happened there.

This guerrilla project has spread nationwide since it was first established in Missouri in 2003, and eventually spread all over the world.

The policeman copied the bicycle by imitating the contour of a corpse struck by the white chalk left at the accident site, paint the white bicycle, memorialize the name of the victim and the day of death on the scene of the accident.

Not only memorial 
“Ghost bikes are there” meaning “

The reason why the bicycle is placed at the accident site is not just to remember the deceased. The ghost bike reminds cyclists passing there that the public road is a dangerous place.

it insists that everyone who goes on public roads, such as bicycles, cars, pedestrians, has lost life by carelessness. And we are hoping to improve the position of the cyclist being driven between the road and the sidewalk.

It does not mean that the bicycle lane is better maintained and expanded. We expect that the culture itself will change for all the more vague, all the way to and from the public road.

Art insistingly claiming as a strange feeling lurking in everyday life

Both of these photos were taken by Mr. Tatsuya Imai , a photographer who was taught the meaning from a friend when he found this strange bike when he visited London in 2011.

A white bicycle is a quiet allegation, an alert, a memorial monument, and at the same time, it can be said as an art. In the everyday street where everywhere is, the ghost bikes are blending softly suffering death.

Discussions on bicycle traffic manners have been brought to bearings in Japan also by the trend of no-brake pistons and road bikes. In Japan, as in Europe, there is not much improvement on bicycle lanes and there are many things to do.

It may be necessary for us to listen to the voice that overseas cyclists are appealing through ghost bike projects.

All photo by  Tatsuya Imai

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