9 Surprising Facts Concerning The Brain That You Must Know

The brain can be said to be the most potent organ in the human body. Its function has not been elucidated yet, so it is often that surprising research results are often reported.

Here, I will introduce nine facts about the recently discovered brain.

1. The brain is prone to dehydration symptoms

The human brain consists of 3/4 moisture. If only 2% of this moisture is lost, it seems to have an adverse effect on short-term memory and concentration. For this reason, it is said that eight cups of water should be ingested on a single day. 

2. Most decisions are made unconsciously

There are many things to get lost in everyday life, but actually, there seems to be data that 95% of the decisions actually made in life are done unconsciously. (You can also learn how to consciously make decisions)


3. The brain eats himself

Although it is somewhat spooky, in reality, this seems to happen actually. In fact, the quarter of the calories ingested by human beings are consumed in the brain. Therefore, for example, by doing an impossible diet etc, the brain may fall into serious nutritional deficiency. Then, the brain seems to begin to change brain cells to energy to compensate for the deficient nutrition. It may be said to be a reaction based on a kind of self-preservation instinct.

In order to prevent this, it is necessary to take the nutrition firmly needed by the body. An unreasonable diet may cause wisdom to be lost.

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4. The brain shrinks when you sweat

Although exercise is an indispensable element to keep health and youthfulness, it seems that it becomes counterproductive if too much is done. According to a study, it seems that the brain starts to contract when the time to sweat exceeds one and a half hours without hydration. In addition, further from there 90 Continuing with the minute movement, to return to the originalToka I brain would be narrowed as much as it takes years. Considering the fact that 73% of the brain that I mentioned earlier is made of moisture, this may not be strange.

When exercising, do not forget to refill hydration and try to keep as fine a break as possible.


5. The brain does not save memory when you are drunk

When I wake up in the morning, when I can not remember what the hell happened last night, I think that you probably drank too much alcohol. The lack of this memory is not merely “forgetting what happened”, it is because the brain does not try to record information in the first place. Excessive drinking not only places a burden on the body including the liver, but it also has the aspect that it stops the function of the brain in fact. Be careful of drinking too much that your brain will not work. If you do something you want to forget in the place of drinking you may be able to say that it is a good function to get drunk and lose memory …

6. Persistence of concentration of human brain is less than goldfish

It is this discovery that feels like being made stupid somehow, but there is research that actually proved this. In an experiment conducted by Microsoft ‘s Canadian research team in 2015, the concentration of humans lasted only 8 seconds, which was a result of less than 9 seconds of goldfish. The biggest factor is thought to be the change of the environment accompanying the evolution of IT technology. Not only is it not only bad things but the ability to concentrate on one thing is drastically decreasing, while the ability to perform short-term instantaneous concentration and simultaneous tasks are rather much improved.


7. The brain does not recognize what the pain is like

For example, when stumbling down the road, a signal is sent from the brain and we feel pain. But there is no function to feel pain in the brain itself. The part surrounding the brain, such as the skull and the brain membrane, has a function to sense body pain, but the brain itself does not recognize the pain itself. When performing surgery targeting the brain directly, you do not need anesthesia.

8. The brain needs the same energy as the bulb

Even on a day such as having no plans and being relaxed at home all the time, our brain always consumes 1/5 of the total energy of the whole body. This is the same amount of energy as lighting a 25-watt bulb all day.

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9. The brain continues to grow until 25 years old

Of course, the brain does not continue to grow forever, but that is about to be around 25 years old. In other words, 26 years old is the most mature state of the brain and it will never evolve further. However, it is not that you can not hope for further improvement of memory, etc. because you stopped growing. Many researches on brain adaptability and flexibility are underway, but according to it, even if the growth of the brain stopped at the age of 25 and the basic shape solidified, through learning new information It seems that it will keep on changing forever.

This organ filled in our head is full of wonder. Understand the nature of the brain and care for it carefully.


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