8 Strange & Creepy Unresolved Mysteries & incidents

There are a lot of events in our surroundings that can not be explained to anyone, such as spirit, the presence of ghosts, interference with different dimensions, mysteries of the human body, reincarnation.

This time we will introduce eight strange and incomprehensible examples of such creeps.


8. Korean boys who disappeared


In March 1991, five boys in South Korea went missing while leaving in the mountains to “catch frogs.” Despite the search for more than 300,000 police, no evidence was found and the time of ten years passed

And one day in 2011, the man who was walking in the forest discovered their white body bodies. Originally the cause of death was seen as hypothermia, a trauma that was beaten with a blunt head was found by four people, the last one turned out to have been shot through with a shotgun.

Without knowing why they were killed, the prescription became prescription in 2006 and the incident remains unresolved.


7. Toxic gas generated by the patient

1994, Gloria Ramirez was caught in a hospital as a sudden illness. The consciousness was confused, and she had symptoms of excessive breathing and abnormal pulse abnormality, a sedative was struck by her, but it was not quite effective.

At this time, the rescuer noticed an inexplicable thing.

Her body was covered with a strange oil film, her breath smelled like a mixture of fruit and garlic, and the collected blood had a smell like ammonia, thinking that it turned white turbid.

Three nurses who rescued in the intensive care room appealed poor physical condition one after another. After all, 23 hospital staff appealed poor physical condition, and 5 were in hospital abnormal situation.

As it was impossible to do anything, Gloria eventually died of renal failure.

A lot of discussions was made as to whether it was a hospital staff’s announcement or toxic gas actually occurred from the patient, but I do not yet know what was clear.


6. Have the Pollock’s girls been reborn?


In 1957 British Pollocks lost two beloved daughters in a car accident.

In the sudden accident, the couple was saddened and I hoped that the child will be born again. A year after such a sad accident, this couple gave birth to a twin daughter and gave birth safely.

But, surprisingly, the twins born were born with bruises in the same place as the two who died.

One day when the twin became 4 years old, when they returned to their hometown, they told suddenly about the school and the park where the deceased sister passed and told their parents that they wanted to go and play again.

It seems that this memory has disappeared at the age of five, so now I do not know the truth.


5. SkinWalker Ranch entrance to the other world


Skinwalker Ranch in Utah comes to Poltergeist at night, the floating Issuer Orb, the entrance to different dimensions, black triangle UFO, Bigfoot-style monkey person, a huge bear, mystery circle, cows scattered We have witnessed a strange phenomenon of 100 dead bodies including abnormalities of bodies and magnetic fields.

Although research has already been done for over 50 years, the cause is completely unknown, and it is closed now. Originally it seemed to be a place where a monster feared by the native Indian appeared, it is said that it is connected to another world somewhere.

4. Voices heard after the runaway vehicle left


A girl who enjoyed driving to the sea with a friend encountered a strange thing. It is said that when she was ten years old, she decided to drive towards the sea. When I was blown by a pleasant wind and passed by a sad factory, the last car made a sudden turn, so it seems to be causing an accident.

It was a momentary moment when I quickly avoided and stopped suddenly, “I avoided it often” and I heard a big scaly laughter from nowhere. Even looking around, there was a somewhat lacking factory, and even more strangely, the drivers of other cars also got off the car with a dubious face like this.

There was an uninhabited wilderness spreading around the scene with the scene around “I heard the voice of the present time!”


3. The family who fought with aliens

August 21, 1955, the family rushed to the Hopkinsville police station in Kentucky, with eight adults and three children. When I heard the story, I fought a shootout with dozens of aliens whose eyes shone red.They continued to shoot guns towards the aliens all night, but it does not work for aliens fluttering fluently from trees to trees, saying the bullet was repelled. A total of 10 policemen ran to the scene as soon as they were puzzled but no evidence of the incident was found. Scientists point out that the owl is missing, UFO experts still deny it.


2. The boy in the box


On February 25, 1957, a college student discovered a boy ‘s body from the box at a department store. The boy who was estimated to be 4-6 years old was wrapped in a blanket and left behind as packed in a box. 
The police opened a photo to identify the identity of the boy, but there was no contact from the family. I could not grasp clues from fingerprints, and eventually became known as “an unknown boy” in the United States.

What is found is that the hair is cut after death, that it is not eating anything before hours of death, that there are wrinkles in the limbs and that it may have been immersed in the living water, and the head The blow to the department was the cause of death. After all, his identity is still unknown, he is still lost.


1. Overtone Bridge


In the 1950s and ’60s, Overtone Bridge became famous as a bridge where dogs jump off. About one in a year, a long long nose dog will dive to the bottom of the valley 15 meters on a clear day.

Experts investigated why the dog jumped off this bridge and committed suicide, but apparently, I came to the conclusion that I was invited by the scent of mink’s urine, but mink inhabits it did not.

And the tragedy of jumping did not stay with dogs only. Mr. Kevin Moi threw down his two-week-old son from the bridge. He testified that he was able to throw out because the child was the demon’s incarnation and he himself tried to commit suicide by that bridge again and again.

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