Wonder Why? 7 Months Old Chanco Already Has 132,000 Instagram Fans

Tokyo –

Some babies are born with bald heads, others have a soft down on their heads and very few are blessed with a real head of hair. Like the Japanese “Baby Chanco”, whose mother has been running an Instagram account on behalf of the daughter since May.

With the photos of the hairy baby published there she landed an internet hit: Already 132,000 Instagram users (as of 26.7.2018) follow Baby Chanco, whose photos are tagged with the hashtag #hairmax. And we absolutely understand why:

Something between Elvis Presley and Jacky Kennedy

Even after his birth Baby Chancos mat impressed, today it looks like a mixture of Elvis Presley and Jacky Kennedy. And in the baby carrier, she is reminiscent of a wig.


By the way, even if the splendor mane looks great now, that does not automatically mean that Baby Chanco will have equally strong hair later on. Because: The normal hair growth develops – depending on the predisposition – only between the 6th and 18th month of life.

In the photos, the mother makes sure that neither the location of the shot nor any particular features of the apartment in which the photos are taken or names appear. This means that outsiders who follow the account cannot draw any conclusions. Nevertheless, parents who photograph their children and post on social media should be aware that these images are not safe on Instagram and Facebook – and they interfere with publishing in the privacy of their protégés.

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