4 Magical 1-Minute Stress Tips

Stress is not something that will come when you have time. Therefore, experts taught experts how to eliminate stress without time.

1. Look at the Photos that Calms Down

You can take pictures of beach with palm trees or any pet dogs/Cats you started with, Happy smiling Kids, your loved one’s pictures, your childhood/family memories. but let’s look at the calm photographs of your heart. “When you see beautiful things, the brainwaves will actually change,” says Kathy Gruber, a health care therapist, and a booker. “By looking at photos, you can turn your consciousness at this moment, or conversely turn your consciousness to another place that is not here.”

2. Thankfulness (It is still better to make a thank you list)


Let’s appreciate again that you are healthy, have family and work. It is Ayurveda’s expert, expert of yoga and mindfulness, Larissa Hall to advise “Make a list of things that you appreciate when you feel stressed and feel it .” – Mr. Carlson.

3. Listen to music by alone

Let’s listen to something you like because you can do it in Classical Bach, or Adel in Western music anything. Music reduces stress. “By listening to songs you can bring fun memories and you can synchronize your breathing with the body,” says Lynn Bafka, co-executive director of the American Psychology Association.

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4. Massage your ears

Because there are many acupuncture points (acupoints) in the ear, we can soften the whole body tension by making the ears gentle . Especially carefully do the part where the skin broke between the back of the ear and the head. People wearing eyeglasses or those who have spent a long time in front of the PC are recommended to massage this part.

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