15 Tips That One Day Can Literally Save Your Life

At any time, each of us can get a situation when his life will be threatened by a serious danger. First of all, you will certainly want to get out of it and save your life, but to increase the probability of success you will need knowledge. However, you can not use the knowledge that you do not have. Fortunately, you have us, always ready to give you an intellectual helping hand, so further you are waiting for 15 useful tips that one day can save your life.

If you met a lion

If you ever meet a lion in your life, then remember – DO NOT RUN!

If they approach you and/or start to growl, then they want to say that you are too close to them. Just walk away slowly and do not let them out of sight.

If you are tied up


Try to exhale as much as possible – so it will be much easier for you to move the ropes, wriggling your body. Then strain the muscles, take a deep breath and stretch out your arms and legs to free up space, which can help you free yourself.

Artificial respiration and indirect heart massage

If you started to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a person with a stop of breathing/heart, keep doing it until the Ambulance takes the victim’s body.

Do not give up after two minutes, thinking: “Well, it did not work.”

As a rule, artificial respiration and indirect heart massage will not cause the heart of the victim to suddenly fight and will not make them come to their senses – so you keep the blood circulation and ventilation of the lungs, preventing the death of the brain.

You do not “revive” a person, so you just save his body and gain time for professional help.

Watching drowning people

Real drowning people do not look like they are drowning in films.

They do not shout and do not hit the water, instead, they often float up and disappear in the water, gasping for each dive.



Embassies/consulates have emergency numbers, to which they respond 24 hours a day.

Write down the number of the nearest embassy/consulate when you are abroad.

If you suddenly have problems with police, medical treatment, and other legal issues, they will help you better than your family or friends.

When a sharp object is injured

Do not pull out knives, glass and other pieces from a deep wound. These items can seal or slow down blood loss, and when pulled out, they can cut the artery.

Before the arrival of the ambulance, try to pinch the wound with the object in order to slow the bleeding.

If you see how someone suffocates

If you see how someone is choking, but they are coughing or talking, you do not have to do anything. Just let them clear their throats.

A cough suggests that the air can still go in and out and that the person has only a partial obstruction in the airways.

If you suddenly decide to knock them on the back or start to do the Heimlich’s reception, then you can only lift the jammed object in the throat and completely block the breath.

Obviously, if a person does not cough and does not breathe, then it’s the time of Heimlich’s reception.

If you are in a crush

Your chances that you will get out of it alive and unharmed will significantly decrease if you fall.

If you can not immediately rise, then try to take a protective pose – lifting your legs and covering your head with your hands.

Try to make your head point in the direction of the crowd, so that you do not hit it with your foot, and it will also help you to get back on your feet.

If you get lost


If you are lost in the desert or in another place where there is a lot of free space, then, first of all, you should find a mirror, or something reflective.

If an airplane is flying over you, you will be able to signal, reflecting light into the cockpit of the pilot, which will significantly increase your chances of finding.

Also, if you are lost in the desert by car, do not throw it, in an attempt to get out on your own two. You are much harder to notice from the air than your car, and besides, you can hide in his cabin, plus there are mirrors in the car.

Always wear a belt when working with dangerous and heavy materials

If you work with metal, which can easily hurt someone (sheets of metal, scrap metal, etc.) – wear a belt.

It does not matter if you need it to maintain your pants, but you can always use it as a harness and save someone’s life.

In the case of a nuclear explosion

If you looked out the window and saw a very bright flash, as bright as if you looked at the sun, then it’s time for immediate action.

With a nuclear explosion, the bulk of the damage to all living things and not very much is brought by an explosive wave, so you have to try your best to reduce its negative impact.

Do not try to get ahead of the source of the flash, because the response you have no more than 8-10 seconds.

Face down on the ground, plug your ears with your thumbs, and cover your eyes with others. Breathe through your teeth.

As you lie face down, the blast wave will pass over you. But if you suddenly want to get up, it can lead to rupture of the lungs, tympanic membranes, and other organs.

As soon as the shock wave passes, you will need to find refuge as soon as possible. If you survived the blast wave, then the second cause of mass deaths is irradiation from nuclear sediments.

Do not try to move along the street, you should immediately hide in the house or office. Do not hesitate to break into the house of a stranger, at the moment you need to be in a place where you will be surrounded by as much concrete and steel.

Next, you need to stay in the same place for the next 48 hours. It is very important.

If you survive the blast wave, but still try to get to the house, even if it is in 20 minutes of walking, then most likely you will die of radiation sickness.

After the explosion, the radiation decreases exponentially, and it will be much safer for you to look for your loved ones in 48 hours.

If you do it right, then you are more likely to stay alive.

Then you will need to leave the city as quickly as possible and leave as far as possible.

During the hike

In hikes in the wild places, try to look back as often as possible.

If you notice that you are being pursued by a predator, then you need to show that you know about it. This will force them to abandon the idea, well, or at least give you time to escape.

If you turn around and notice something, then try to create as much noise as you can.

If you witness an accident involving a motorcyclist


In this situation, in no case should you remove the helmet from the victim.

All you can do is just loosen the helmet strap a little.

Leave the helmet in place and let the doctors and paramedics do their work. You do not know what this helmet holds back.

If you think that you are being pursued by car

Turn right 4 times, so you will return to the same place, and if nobody pursued you, then no one will be behind you.

But if the suspicious car is still there, that you have problems.

The most reasonable action in this situation will be to go straight to the police station.

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