15 Funny Hallucinogenic Pictures, Which Are Not What They Seem

If you have already typed air in your mouth to pronounce the famous spell-charm “THE PHOTOSHOP”, then you can safely exhale. You will not see any digital manipulations here, just a prospect and a lucky coincidence. Do not rush, give these photos time to your brain to be able to realize what is happening and get pleasure from it. Everything is in your hands, in the sense of the head.

Has let out steam


The Almighty Poodle


What’s next to the registry office just does not happen


Strength and beauty .. and perspective


This bride will need a really long hem


What a long and beautiful hair .. the girl behind him


An alien invasion or reflection of lamps in the office window?


A man with a dog head or a dog with human hands?


Pulling in the flesh



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The funniest thing is that his facial expressions are ideally suited to this illusion


Very high judge


It seems this is not his feet


The cat is much warmer


This dog looked much funnier with a perm



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