Do You Know This 13 Unauthorized States Existing in The World

I think we all have learned in school that it is necessary for “territory, citizens, sovereignty” as a constituent element of the country. Besides this, unless it is approved internationally as a state, that country cannot be said to have fulfilled independence.

There are a number of so-called “unapproved states” that do not fulfill their independence despite meeting the conditions of “territory, citizens, sovereignty” in the world. This time I will introduce 13 countries out of them and want to look at the state of the country.

1. Republic of Kosovo


photo by pixta

Kosovo, the self-governing state left by the former Yugoslavia, which was once the most diverse country on the planet, is still unable to fulfill its ultimate independence.

Kosovo with a population of nearly 2 million people is practically administrating as an independent state, but only about half of the countries of the United Nations member countries have approved it, and it has not received international national approval.


2. Palestine

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The Palestinian Autonomous Region which has long been conflicting and terrorist incidents is also one of the countries that have not received national approval. The confrontation with Israel, which dates back to the immediate postwar period, has continued for more than half a century, and blood of tens of thousands of people has been flowing.

Peace with Israel remains rigid, but since 2012 we have joined the United Nations as an observer and the way to state approval gradually starts to appear.


3. Republic of South Ossetia

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This issue was recognized internationally as a result of the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia in 2008. It has been functioning since 1991 as a virtually independent area as an ottoman nation, but Russia approved South Ossetia nationally following the invasion of 2008.

Even then, interdependence with the international community centered on Russia and Georgia continues to be continued.


4. Somaliland

Photo by Monica’s Dad

Somaliland has declared independence on the northern side of Somalia where political uncertainty still remains. Somaliland declared independence in 1991, but none of the countries have so far approved Somaliland nationally.


5. Republic of China (Taiwan)

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The unapproved state closest to Japan is Taiwan. Taiwan is the official name of the Republic of China and now it functions effectively as an independent state. However, Taiwan is still considered to be part of China, because China and other countries do not admit Taiwan’s independence stubbornly.


6. North Cyprus / Republic of Turkey

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The Cyprus islands floating in the Mediterranean Sea have been spreading territorial issues over so long in the north and south.

Currently, in Cyprus, the sovereignty of the Cyprus Republic, which is internationally accepted, extends all over the country, but those who do not allow this will establish the “North Cyprus / Turkey Republic” in the north of Cyprus in 1983 Declaration. It effectively controls the north side of Cyprus Island.


7. East Turkistan (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region)

Photo by malcsb

It is this East Turkestan that is regarded as the “Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region” by the Chinese name spreading in the western part of China.

Although not well-known in Japan as compared with Taiwan and Tibet, East Turkestan has a sad history as well as other unapproved nations in China. As a cultural area, it is close to Islam, and the cityscape of a completely different atmosphere is spreading from China.

8. Principality of Sealand

Photo by octal

This is the world’s most nonchalant state, this is the Sealand Duchy. This country was born on the mid-course declaration that “It is an independent state” at the venue fortress of the artificial island floating in the southeastern United Kingdom.

Even now it acts as a virtually independent country, but unfortunately, there are countries that internationally accept the Sealand Duchy as a nation.


9. Nagorno · Calabakh Republic


photo by pixta

The Nagorno · Karabakh Republic is an autonomous province in the western part of Azerbaijan. Internationally it is supposed to be within the border of Azerbaijan, but practically Armenians are effectively controlled and can only enter Armenia.


The main attraction of Nagorno · Karabakh is “Our Mountain” on the hill about 20 minutes’ walk from the center. It is called “tatik · picpic” on the site.

10. Sahara Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara)

photo by pixta

The “Saharan-Arab democratic republic” independent from Spain in 1976. Under the agreement, the divisional rule was set up between Morocco and Mauritania, but the Polisha Front, which is based on the Saharawi people, complained this and declared independence with the support of Algeria.

A major part of the territory has been effectively controlled by Morocco through the ceasefire of 1991 until now, and the government is headquartered in Algeria.


11. Republic of Abkhazia

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Declared independence from Georgia in 1992. The victory of the Abkhazia war broke out after the declaration of independence to ensure execution control. Independence was approved by Russia as a result of the South Ossetia conflict that broke out in 2008 with the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia as a trigger.


12. Denistre Republic along

photo by pixta

Declared independence from the Moldavia · Soviet Socialist Republic (now Moldova) in 1990. The victory of the Transnistria war broke out in 1992 to ensure effective control and has received national approval from Abkhazia Republic, South Ossetia Republic, Nagorno · Calabakh Republic.

13. Tibet

photo by pixta

The Tibet Autonomous Region or Nishizo Autonomous Region (Seikojujikichi) is a region autonomous region that occupies the southwestern part of the People’s Republic of China.

It is regarded as a national autonomous region established in the Tibetan (Kura) residential area as a recognized ethnic minority in China, but the Tibet Autonomous Region’s territory is enclosed in the Chinese territory of the historical and cultural Tibetan region It is only a part of the part which is occupied in the region which was historically called Nishikura.



Among the “unapproved nationals” people are living their lives obviously. As mentioned earlier, there are many places where other countries have not received international approval because of “allegation that it is the territory of their country”, and there are cases where the state of conflict lasts long in those places.

In order to regain a peaceful state as soon as possible, we must first recognize that there are such problems in the world, and there is no need to watch the trends of these “unapproved states” Is not it.


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