“100 Years Old Cake” Is Discovered In Antarctica

Antarctic Heritage Trust, an organization that supports adventurers in Antarctica, discovered a fruitcake that was seen 100 years ago and it became a big topic.

The cake put in a tin box is preserved in “Nature’s freezer”, and the preservation state is good enough to be still able to eat even now.

Cake sleeping in Antarctica’s “oldest hut”

At the cape of Adair, in Antarctica, there is the oldest hut in the continent. This hut was used by the expedition team led by British Robert Scott from 1910 to 1913.

A fierce competition that took the first reach of the human race to the South Pole occurred between Norway and the UK. Loir Amundsen who led the Norwegian Corps was known as a name explorer. And Scott was a soldier who led the British Corps.

The result is the victory of the Amundsen team. Although the Scott team also arrives late and reaches the South Pole, to the person who is distressed in the way home, and will not return.

As Antarctic Heritage Trust was working on preserving this hut, which is such a historic remain, we found that the tools and foods used 106 years ago were found.

Raw items such as meat and fish seem to have been badly damaged, but only this fruitcake is in a state where the box or wrapping paper is in a state of deterioration, but the contents are likely to be eaten.


Apparently, it was from a sweet maker named Huntley & Palmers in the UK. The nutritious high fruitcake seems to be a very favorite food for Antarctic explorers.

Where you can actually eat it or what kind of taste you are interested in, the fruitcake will be returned to its original location after all the maintenance work of the hut is over, according to the provisions of the Antarctic Special Protection Area.

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It is said that March 29, 1912, that the Scott Corps was distressed on their way and all of them died. Some of the heroes who did not give up to the end due to British pride may have recalled the fruitcake that has been left in the hut with tents with only 2 days of food.

The fruitcake of the cottage in the cape of Adair will continue to be in that place as it will mourn the deceased members.

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