10 Internet Beauty Tips Which are not only Harmful but also Dangerous

When we need to find the answer to the question that interests us, we usually either ask the person who knows him, or we turn to the Internet, where they know exactly how to get rid of cellulite, lose weight by summer or cook buckwheat. However, sometimes on the World Wide Web, you can find tips that not only do not help but rather harm. If you suddenly decide, a baby cream against diaper rash will help you get rid of acne, and hairspray can be used as a makeup fixer, then throw this crap out of your head before it’s too late!


Exfoliate the skin with sugar, salt or soda

Sugar, salt, and soda are good for the body, but not for the face. Their granules are too large and have sharp edges, so they can easily damage the skin.


Use coconut oil instead of moisturizer


Coconut oil can be rubbed into hair or dry skin after a shower. But use it as a moisturizer? We do not think! You do not want rashes and clogged pores.


Scrub the face with lemon or lime juice


No! And once again, no! Lemon and lime juices are too hard for the delicate skin of the face. And in the sun they provoke chemical reactions that cause burns, rash, and hyperpigmentation.



To treat pimples with toothpaste


Yes, it is possible that due to soda and hydrogen peroxide in the toothpaste compound, your pimple will dry up. But there is still a high probability that she will make the skin even redder and irritated. Let’s face it, facial skin and toothpaste are not the best combinations.


Use egg white to tighten the skin


This “recipe” was used by our grandmothers, so we’ll leave it in the past. Raw eggs contain a bunch of Salmonella bacteria that can cause an acute infectious disease.


Treat acne with baby cream against diaper rash

Let the cream against diaper rheumatism treats only the most delicate baby skin. It has a bunch of ingredients that you do not have to close to close to. For example, mineral oils, paraffin wax and synthetic wax that will only add skin problems.


Frost skin with deodorant


Well, why do you apply a deodorant to the skin when you have already developed a primer, powder and matting napkins for a long time? Layfak absolutely useless, because deodorant fights with sweat, and not with skin fat. And the texture of the deodorant can clog pores and cause a rash.


Remove black dots with glue

Do you think that in the fight against hated black dots all means are good? Think again. Of course, children’s glue is not particularly dangerous, but it can still cause irritation. Yes, and does not fulfill this “recipe” of its task, but the strips against the black dots will cope with it “with a bang.”


Face toning with alcohol


Along with fat, alcohol will draw out of the skin all the moisture and make it dry, tightened and irritated. And in response to such a “nuclear tonic”, the skin will begin to give off even more fat. No thanks!


Use a hairspray as a makeup fixer


Let the hairspray and further fixes the hair, because the skin of the face makes it irritated, dry and flaky. Do you want makeup to last all day? Our answer: transparent powder and a fixative spray, they are really made for the face.

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